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Walt Disney World Resort officials have filed a new permit for construction at 396 Cypress Drive — the address of Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Oga's Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
Credit: David Roark, photographer

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The permit give’s us few details about what type of work will be occurring — it simply states that the contractor will “provide labor, material and/or electrical for construction.” This means anything from minor repairs to major renovations could be happening at Oga’s in the near future.

The contractor listed on this particular permit is The Walt Disney Company’s own Buena Vista Construction Company.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, Oga’s Cantina has modified its operations to reduce contact with bartenders and servers, separate parties (previously, multiple parties would be seated at a single booth in the small establishment), and encourage social distancing measures.

It is possible that this construction could include the addition of plexiglass barriers or other safety materials to help the Cantina ramp-up operations again. Keep in mind, however, that Disney has not confirmed any specific details regarding this permit. Additionally, unless Disney shares that the bar will close sometime soon, it doesn’t look like the construction will be anything major. We are not seeing any changes to Oga’s Cantina operations, which leads us to believe this construction won’t affect your trip.

drinks at oga's cantina
Left to right, non-alcoholic drinks: Carbon Freeze, Oga’s Obsession provision and Cliff Dweller can be found at Oga’s Cantina. (Kent Phillips/Disney Parks)

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Oga’s Cantina is an all-ages dining experience where both alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic concoctions can be ordered. Disney World’s official website describes the Cantina — owned by Batuu resident Oga Garra — as:

Welcome to the local cantina, where bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders, and weary travelers of all ages come together to refuel, enjoy music, and conduct meetings—no questions asked. With an expansive menu of exotic concoctions for young ones and adults, the cantina is a welcome rest stop before your crew’s next galactic journey.

As you plan your next smuggling run, please enjoy some bold musical entertainment courtesy of droid DJ R-3X, a former Starspeeder 3000 pilot. The cantina adheres to proprietor Oga Garra’s strict code of conduct, but patrons can be… unpredictable, so just keep your head down—and drink casual.

For those who have long dreamed of visiting one of the galaxy’s most infamous watering holes, Oga’s Cantina brings that dream to life.

What type of construction work do you think might be happening at Oga’s Cantina at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park?

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