Break Down All Things Marvel with New ‘Legends’ Recap Series

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new legends series to recap up and coming marvel projects

Marvel is about to begin what fans know to be Phase Four. The studios just released a whole slew of upcoming projects. But with so much to look forward to, it can be kind of hard to keep track.

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the first two episodes of legends will be about wandavision
Credit: Marvel Studios

Thankfully, Marvel will be debuting another new series on Disney+ to break everything down for viewers. Marvel Studios: Legends will be an ongoing series to give fans a recap before upcoming Marvel projects. For example –with Phase Four beginning with Disney+’s WandaVision, the first two installments will focus on Wanda Maximoff and Vision. They will in depth of the history of these two characters in the MCU. The first two episodes of Legends will debut just a week before the WandaVision premier on January 8th, 2021.

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This is great! It will definitely help refresh the viewer’s memories and significant moments in previous films. With these moments broken down in a clip show, Marvel fans will feel more than ready for the upcoming series. And also, since there has been no new Marvel projects to come out in 2020, a little refresher could be pretty helpful.

loki series coming soon to disney plus
Credit: Marvel Studios

Looking forward to Marvel’s impressive up and coming roster, there will be plenty of Legends episodes. Just after WandaVision, Loki will make it’s Disney+ debut in May of 2021. We can definitely predict that this particular Legends episode will remind us of Loki’s untimely death. Following the new Loki series, viewers can also expect to see a clip show on Marvel’s highly anticipated film, Black Widow.

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Marvel offering a series like this is pretty great! With already 0ver 20 films already on Disney+ and more series and films on their way, it can be hard to keep track of everything. The Legends series can help all viewers keep up with the non-stop growth of the MCU and what is to come!

What do you think about the new Marvel Studios: Legends series? Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments!


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