When Will Universal’s Mario Kart Attraction Open in the U.S?

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The opening day for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan has been announced. We are very excited to see this new land come to life and ride the Mario Kart attraction. But did you know Universal is building another Mario Kart attraction at Universal Hollywood?

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Universal has not made a formal announcement about the Mario Kart attraction coming to their Hollywood theme park. But they do have a habit of waiting until an attraction is nearly completed before they make an announcement. Remember how long it took for the VelociCoaster announcement?

Reportedly due to the lack of space at Universal Studios Hollywood, they will not be receiving a full Super Nintendo World expansion. Instead, they will receive the Mario Kart attraction, a gift shop, and a quick-service restaurant.

Here is a video for earlier in December that shows how far along the construction is. The video is thanks to reporter Universal Core on Twitter!

When Could Mario Kart Open?

So, when could we see this exciting new attraction open? With all the delays in construction due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s hard to say. Thankfully since construction was able to resume, a lot of visible progress has been made, but we cannot see into the show building, which undoubtedly has the most work that needs to get done.

Universal Studios Hollywood is currently the only Universal theme park that has not reopened amid the pandemic. If the park is unable to reopen for a long time, there would be no rush to complete the Mario Kart attraction. The ride will, however, serve as a great draw for Guests to visit Universal Studios Hollywood once the attraction opens and will therefore be a great help to the park’s recovery from the pandemic shutdown.

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We hope is that Universal will give an announcement on this exciting new attraction soon!

My personal prediction is that the attraction will open during the holiday season of 2021! I know it will probably be a much longer wait for the attraction, but a girl can dream, right? 

When do you think the Mario Kart attraction will open at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

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