Universal’s ‘VelociCoaster’ Spirals Are Terrifying

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Universal’s VelociCoaster is the most anticipated attraction for my Universal guests in 2021, and it’s construction has moved to the point of testing the attraction, letting us see the terrifying raptor run we will get to experience. And now, we are getting up close and personal with some of the most heart-pounding aspects of the coaster.

Credit: Tampa Bay Times

The VelociCoaster will open in summer 2021 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure with a Jurassic World IP and is set to be the most impressive coaster that Universal has yet to create, which is quite the feet considering the technological and amazing advancements that Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure brought us.

As we mentioned earlier, the VelociCoaster is currently undergoing extensive testing that you can actually see while you are at Islands of Adventure, but now we are going to take a closer look at one of the scariest parts of this coaster

Thanks to The Orlando Perspective (@OrlPerspective) we are able to watch the the VelociCoaster take its massive dive and head straight into the gravity defying spirals. Take a look at the coaster undergoing it below.

The crazy part about this section of the coaster is that when the coaster spirals it stays flat so the rider will be fully upside down. It seems that the track is set up to continuously give us different sensations from the drop defying gravity and churning our stomachs to the spirals instantly removing that feeling with a swooping sensation, followed by a head rushing upside down portion.

It will be exciting to see what aspects within the immersive rock work also challenge the terrifying nature of this attraction. The constant changes do make sense to the plot of the attraction considering we are jumping right out of the Jurassic World films into a raptor run which would intentionally mean jagged turns and unexpected movements. 

For now, stay tuned to Inside the Magic to keep getting the latest updated on Universal’s VelociCoaster!

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