New Production Start and Release Date for ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Announced

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Sean Connery (left); Harrison Ford (right), 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'

Credit: Lucasfilm

After months of anticipation and confusion, Indy fans finally have a production start date and a new release date!

At The Walt Disney Company’s 2020 Investment Day event, Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy shed some light on the project, reconfirming some important things.

Indiana Jones
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Kennedy confirmed that that the fifth installment of Indiana Jones will begin filming in Spring of 2021 and is scheduled to be released in July 2022. The original Indy, Harrison Ford is still on board to star and James Mangold is reconfirmed as the new director, replacing Stephen Spielberg. “Indy himself, Harrison Ford, will be back to conclude this iconic character’s journey,” Kennedy said during the Investors Day event.

Indiana Jones 5 is among a few non-Star Wars projects in the pipeline from Lucasfilm, including a reboot of Willow. 

For the past couple of years now, a fifth Indiana Jones movie seemed as mythical as the artifacts that he hunts for each movie. In our coverage of the project, it has appeared that the chief hold up has been on the script and whatever story that may be.

When the original writer, David Koepp left the project, he was quoted saying,

“I tried a couple different versions with Steven and they all had some good stuff about them and they all had some stuff that didn’t work, which happens,” he says. “But it was just very hard to have everybody come together and have all the elements — Steven, Harrison (Ford), the script and Disney — come together at once. And it didn’t.”

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This news of production start and a release date hopefully signals that the story issues regarding this fifth movie have been solved and we can finally set off on another adventure with the world’s most famous archaeologist! At the time, it is still unknown whether or not we will see the return of characters like Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood and Shia LaBoeuf’s Mutt Williams.

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