NEW Olaf Churros That Are “Worth Melting For”

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“Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”

Just as we were swept off our cupcake towers by the new seasonal Olaf cupcake, the visual of the “Worth Melting For” Olaf churros is equally as enchanting! Several Disney fans who have visited Magic Kingdom to purchase these new Disneyland-inspired treats are leaving reviews all over social media! The Olaf churros can be found in Storybook Circus at Dumbo’s churro cart, and they are waiting for you!

olaf churros worth melting for
Credit: @sweetlifeofpeejay on IG

Worth Melting For Olaf Churros

The churro treat comes with two full-size churros, dusted in classic cinnamon sugar, and drizzled with marshmallow flavored icing. It is evident from various postings that the amount of icing drizzle varies, but if you get caught on the short end of the churro, there’s a large side of marshmallow fluff in a cup. Topped with a sugar carrot, it’s evident that Olaf did indeed melt into the cup!! But, maybe he tastes sweet enough?!

Disney foodie and theme park fan, PJ Valdez, who uses the Instagram handle @SweetLifeOFPeeJay, left a great description of what we can expect when diving into the marshmallow fluff side that comes with the churro boat.

Worth Melting For Churro found in Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Story Book Circus, churro cart right in front of Dumbo.
Standard WDW Churro, topped with marshmallow fluff and blue sanding sugar served with a side of Marshmallow fluff.
WDW Churro isn’t that great compared to DL Churro, but it will do. The marshmallow fluff does make it taste better, as it has more dynamic to it. Other than that, is this churro worth melting for??? I’d say a little bit but not all the way…

No one does a churro like Disneyland Resort’s theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. But, Walt Disney World Resort is giving it a stab with this holiday version of the treat. Not necessarily as crunchy as a DLR version, but it stands up to the critics. The marshmallow fluff, however, seems to be adding more dimension to the basic cinnamon sugar treat, so we highly recommend dipping in.

If you’re not at the Magic Kingdom to try these churros, perhaps you’ll make your own churro bites at home with a little sugar and elbow grease. If you want something FROZEN in there, take the churro and slap some ice cream in there to create a churro ice cream sandwich recipe.

Are you impaled? Perhaps you need these sweet Olaf churros to get you to the ice palace! Just watch out for… MARSHMALLOW! Leave us a comment below about your churro love!

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