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Happily Ever After Fireworks

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With the closure of the Walt Disney World theme parks, we lost the ability to see Happily Ever After every night from the Magic Kingdom.

Once Disney World reopened, it was to reduced capacity and schedule. Any Disney nighttime show, especially Happily Ever After, is guaranteed to boast large crowds in a small area. This of course would not work out well during a pandemic. Until now, we have just been watching Happily Ever After on the Disney Parks Youtube channel, but now there is official fireworks testing happening.

The sleuthing for this ITM reporter began back in September when @WDWSpeakers Tweeted:

Just want to clarify a few things this early morning. That loud bang you heard in Magic Kingdom last night was someone playing fart noises into the microphone – it was NOT a surprise and secret firework test shot.

Notably, we were unsure what fireworks are (and possibly were) being tested and if they are even for Happily Ever After. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire was the stage show at Magic Kingdom, so there of course could be the possibility that if testing was going on, the fireworks could be testing for that show as well.

All is speculation at this point but with Florida Governor DeSantis allowing theme parks to move to full capacity, and Disney World raising their capacity, fireworks coming back sounds slightly more believable.

More hints that fireworks would return

We do know that projections were being tested on the Magic Kingdom castle so it seems that firework testing would be the natural progression for this theme park.

More recently, we have heard of a permit being filed entitled Project Nugget that shows Disney has been working on the firework platform behind Cinderella Castle, and it seems Disney is now ready to move forward from that project and test out their updates.

Fireworks have since been noted to be testing as of November 16th at the Magic Kingdom. And this news hits us just as the parks have announced that park capacity has also risen by almost 50% since the parks reopened in terms of how many Guests were visiting prior.

Thanks to reporter Ashley Carter (@AshleyLCarter1) we found out that between 10 pm to midnight, fireworks will officially be going off at Magic Kingdom once again!

Fireworks testing at Magic Kingdom

ResortTV1 is livestreaming the testing on their YouTube channel:

And if you want to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from Disney’s Polynesian Resort like the good old days – Oscar Mal (@keesbliz71) has you covered! Check out their live Twitter stream now!

More fans also shared photos and videos of the fireworks testing:

Are other Disney parks testing fireworks?

We have confirmed that EPCOT was recently testing fireworks after park closing. This is why was very interesting to hear reports that Magic Kingdom is following suit. The testing at EPCOT could be for any possibly nighttime show, but many Disney fans are hoping it is the new show HarmonioUS. HarmonioUS was slated to open in 2021 but with the pandemic putting things to a halt, everything is now up in the air. The show is meant to be the most expansive nighttime show ever attempted by Disney World, so you can imagine our excitement!

Stay tuned to ITM as we continue to track firework testing all across Disney World Resort.

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