Magic Kingdom Entrance Sign Is Nearly Complete!

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The Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza marquee has been under refurbishment for the past couple of weeks. Now, we can finally see an *almost* finished product, and it looks fantastic!

It’s been a while since the Magic Kingdom entrance received a new paint job, and for what we are assuming is prep for Disney World’s 50th anniversary, royal blue and shimmering rose gold colors now welcome you to the Most Magical Place on Earth. But let’s take a closer look at this sign.

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We can now see the gold accents and spiral that sits beneath the Magic Kingdom aspect of the marquee is fully complete. From this close-up angle, it also seems that the entire ‘WELCOME’ signage has been painted to its sparkly pink new look, but if we back up, it is clear that the M and E are the final 2 letters that need to be painted.

Credit: TJ Muscaro | ITM

Although there are still 2 letters that need a fresh coat of Disney paint, the royal blue color that rides along the back of the signage has been fully painted, so we can now really get a feel for how the new sign will look as we ride into Magic Kingdom on our next Disney World visit or vacation!

Credit: TJ Muscaro | ITM

The colors perfectly match the regal blue and pink look that Cinderella Castle now displays after the refurbishment. The colors are bold, which will do great in the Florida sun, preventing fading for a longer amount of time, and also creates an eye-catching and unified look.

The entrance sign to all of Walt Disney World is also receiving a similar makeover with the deep blue paint becoming the dominating features at the entrance gate.

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