Jolly Jingle Cruise Returns to Magic Kingdom

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It’s BACK! The Jingle Cruise made a surprise return to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and we’re merry all the way through Adventureland. The seasonal Christmas overlay – atop The Jungle Cruise -appears each year after Halloween. For many years running, the exotic Jungle Cruise has trekked through Adventureland each holiday season , cracking seasonal jokes until New Year’s Day!

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Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Jingle Cruise Returns

There’s a thrill of joy that shoots through us when we approach The Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. That feeling triples when we see the much-adored Christmas overlay that typically reappears after Halloween. The special addition to this Magic Kingdom attraction brings out the best in Disney Guests as well as the Cast Member Skippers that man the helm. You can’t help but smile as you “GET OUT” of the holiday cruise boats!

jungle cruise decorated for christmas
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Disney fans will see the usual details on the hut across from the loading zone, decorated with rustic and leafy greens. Onboard the cruise, the scenes, and animatronics have festive ornaments, holiday package drops (sometimes Santa misses), and surprises galore.

jingle cruise camp sequence
Credit: ITM Lindsey Paris

The attraction queue is not left out! If you have the chance, winding through the standby queue for this Christmas favorite is worth it. Tiny details emerge from every angle whenever the Jingle Cruise returns. Banners, full-size Christmas decorations and holiday puns litter the area, and each one is sillier than the next. Take, for instance, this banner on display. JUNGLE all the way is a reversal of the attraction’s punny name, which is perfect for an island Christmas at Magic Kingdom Park.

jungle all the way banner jingle cruise returns
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Jingle Cruise Details

The details this year seem to be on par with last year’s river tour, which means we are missing very little if anything at all. We caught two boats puttering past the “pair o docks” with creative Christmas names tacked on in what appears to be quick Skipper additions. Candy Cane Connie and Mistletoe Millie are on the scene this year.

jingle cruise boat names
Credit: ITM Katrina J. and Lindsey P.

As we mentioned before, the queue details are half the fun. A leafy and passionflower topped Christmas tree graces the queue center, with a reminder for Santa to “STOP HERE!” and a painted fireplace on burlap to boot.

santa stop here jingle cruise
Credit: ITM Lindsey Paris
jungle tree jingle jungle cruise
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Outside the entrance, pine needle garland with drippy ball ornaments line the rooftops and a rescue float serves as a wreath.

jingle cruise wreath
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Another banner hangs high, declaring “Here we go wassailing” with a candy cane arrow, directing you away from the sometimes fidgeting tarantula wearing a shiny Santa Hat.

here we go wassailing banner jungle cruise christmas overlay
Credit: ITM Katrina J.
Credit: ITM Lindsey Paris

Do you make a point to ride this attraction when the Jingle Cruise returns?  Leave us a comment about your favorite holiday element on the ride!

Editor’s note: Any photos without face masks were taken prior to the pandemic. 

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