VIDEO – Watch Magic Kingdom’s nighttime crew change park decorations from Halloween to Christmas at Walt Disney World

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It’s amazing how quickly such a huge theme park as Walt Disney World‘s Magic Kingdom can transition from it’s thoroughly spooky (but Not-So-Scary) Halloween decor to it’s Very Merry Christmas / holiday decorations.

In the video below, we get a glimpse of Magic Kingdom’s overnight crews dismantling the Jack-o’-Lanterns, scarecrows, and fall-colored garland that made Halloween so memorable, and replacing them with all the bright lights, evergreen wreaths, and icicles that give guests a wonderful Christmastime at Walt Disney World!


The holiday season runs from tomorrow, November 9th through the beginning of January at Walt Disney World.

  1. Amazing!! Congratulations to all Disney staff for the great job the do. I’ve been at MK for Halloween and Christmas, and the decoration is just beautiful!!

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