The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Fans React to ‘Star Wars’ Hotel

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Yesterday, The Walt Disney Company released the first photos of Galactic Starcruiser Resort staterooms at the IAAPA Expo.

The spaces are very similar to Disney Cruise Line staterooms, but significantly more utilitarian in aesthetic. Standard rooms in the Star Wars hotel appear to have a queen bed, two built-in bunk beds, and access to a small bathroom — “fresher” in a galaxy far, far away — that will presumably be about the size of the ones on Disney’s fleet of ships.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the first look inside of the highly-anticipated Star Wars Resort at Walt Disney World. Here, we take a look at the good and the bad from social media.

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Credit: Disney

Positive Reactions to Star Wars Hotel

Some would-be Disney World Galactic Starcruiser Guests are more excited than ever after getting an inside look at the Halcyon. Joe San Pietro wrote:

I’ll say it again…just SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. ZOMG. #starwarshotel #galacticstarcruiser #hurryup @pfizer

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Another Twitter user, Nix, wrote:

*packing my luggage as we tweet* I’d like to live here & never leave pls. #StarWars #GalacticStarcruiser #GalaxysEdge #DisneyWorld 

Batuu Realty quipped:

Looking for your own #GalacticStarcruiser room for your journey to the #outpost on Batuu? These ARE the images you’re looking for. #StarWars #GalaxysEdge

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Finally, Silly Spook of DIS was slightly on the fence about the new Disney hotel rooms, but ultimately finds them more satisfactory than anticipated:

Last thing I want to comment on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser mockup rooms! They actually look a bit better than I thought they would, if a little on the small side for space around the beds. I guess it’s an activity holiday,so you won’t be doing much more than sleeping?

Negative Reactions to Star Wars Hotel

Other social media users were unimpressed with Disney’s first look at the Starcruiser — which is supposed to be a luxury liner carrying people across the galaxy with a port excursion in Batuu.

Twitter user Brit didn’t mince words, writing:

the star wars hotel looks ugly and claustrophobic

Inside the Magic writer Ryan Ogilvie also shared his opinion on the reveal of the Star Wars hotel room on social media. He shared:

So those Star Wars hotel rooms… They are tiny and you can’t compare them to a cruise ship. Cruise ships are limited by space, a hotel that has been built from the ground up with just 100 rooms is not. Disney expects guests to pay thousands of dollars for 2 nights at this hotel

It is worth noting that pricing has not been confirmed, but prior rumors have suggested Guests will be asked to pay fees similar to Disney Cruise Line, which often runs about $1,800 for a three-night Bahamian getaway.

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Rose shared the overall sentiment that the rooms in the new Disney World hotel leave much to be desired from a size standpoint. She also wrote:

the star wars hotel rooms look tiny

Which side do you fall on? Do the rooms get you excited for the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser or do you wish they looked different?

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