What Could Disneyland Reopen Next?

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Disney California Adventure

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Disneyland Resort is reopening bit by bit. First, the Downtown Disney District began its phased reopening process over the summer when Governor Gavin Newsom’s Blueprint For a Safer Economy was released. Now, Disney California Adventure Park’s Buena Vista Street is partially reopening for Guests to enjoy holiday shopping and dining beginning November 19.

It has also been announced that Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will be reopening only DVC rooms on December 6.

All of this has Disneyland fans anticipating and speculating every move out of excitement… and admittedly a little desperation.

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These are really exciting developments for Disneyland as it has been closed for well over half of a year. So, let’s explore the question, what could be next to reopen at Disneyland?

More of Disney California Adventure Park

Even though California Adventure is reopening Buena Vista Street for Guests to enjoy shopping and dining, much like we have seen at Knott’s Berry Farm. We are glad to see that Disney is following Knotts’s lead and letting Guests enjoy the ambiance, food, and merchandise the park can offer.

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As fans of the Disney Parks, I think we can all agree sometimes the nicest park visits are when you can enjoy a walk around the park and soak in the expertly crafted theming.

With California Adventure hosting some fabulous food and wine events over the years I believe reopening the park and its food and wine booths could be a perfect next step in the reopening process.

Obviously, nothing official has been announced for California Adventure other than Buena Vista Street reopening, so all of this is purely speculation.

We discuss how Disney’s California Adventure could host a food and wine festival in more detail here. 

A Section of Disneyland Park

Disneyland has yet to be included in any Disneyland Resort reopening phases, but things are potentially looking up! If Buena Vista Street can reopen, why couldn’t Main Street, U.S.A.?

main street disneyland
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Main Street could theoretically reopen its retail and dining locations for guests to enjoy and even let guests take photos with Sleeping Beauty Castle. However, there could be some logistical issues with this that may explain why it isn’t happening. Disney California Adventure is partially reopening as a direct extension of Downtown Disney. This is more challenging for Main Street, U.S.A. due to the layout of Disneyland.

Disney has said they have no plans to reopen Main Street this year, but hopefully, at the beginning of next year, we could see a phased reopening at Disneyland, especially for shopping and dining, much like DCA is doing. As fans, that is our hope at least! Bear in mind that The Walt Disney Company has not confirmed any plans to reopen any part of Disneyland Park at this time.

We cannot wait to see what will reopen next for Disneyland! What do you want to reopen next? 

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