No CA Counties Move Tiers, Disneyland Remains “High Risk”

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Today, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly — speaking on behalf of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office — reiterated that the administration still considers theme parks to be at a “high risk” for COVID-19 transmission.

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Credit: Screenshot ITM – Dr. Mark Ghaly News Conference

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While Dr. Ghaly did not address theme parks specifically in his presentation, he did share, again, what types of activities are considered to be riskier and are recommended to be avoided. In the above screenshot from today’s California news conference, high-risk activities are defined as:

  • Activities where it is difficult to mask the whole time (i.e. eating and drinking)
  • Activities where you see people you haven’t seen recently (i.e. people outside your household)
  • Activities where it is difficult to keep your distance (i.e. multiple people at a small table)
  • Activities of a longer duration
  • Activities that don’t allow for plenty of fresh air to circulate

The theme park risk factor.

The majority of these — save for the circulation of fresh air, since theme parks like Disneyland largely operate outdoors — could be said to apply to theme park and amusement park properties.

Dr. Ghaly stated:

“The virus is not over just because we’re tired of it. It doesn’t, itself, put its guard down. It looks for opportunities to spread. And many of those activities that we highlighted as higher-risk are exactly the opportunities for spread that we want to be laser-focused on, invite all of you to be our partners once again, and try to reduce risk so we reduce transmission, flatten the curve again, and make sure that we can soon enjoy many of the things that we’ve missed over the last several months.”

in Disneyland Resort

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