Disney Christmas Tree Ideas for a Magical Holiday

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disney christmas tree

The holiday season is on the way, and you know what that means: festive Disney merchandise! However, if you really want to take your decoration to the next level, you’ve got to craft a stunning Disney Christmas tree.

Fortunately, the good folks at Diply and Disney fans online have drawn our attention to some truly magical designs from around the internet.

So don’t miss out. Check out the most magical trees around and spruce up your living room this holiday season with a Disney-themed tree.

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A handsome tree filled with festive plushies!

This one is certainly bright! We love how this Disney fan has incorporated their extensive collection of stuffed toys into the design. It’s both festive and fabulous, and the little nods to Star Wars with the BB-8 baubles are just lovely.

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Is this the scariest Disney Christmas tree ever made?

You have got to make sure you scroll through each picture to get the full effect with this one. On one side we get the imposing figure of the evil Queen looking down at us, then on the back, we’ve got her in hag form! The amount of effort that must’ve gone into this tree is quite remarkable. It’s two thumbs up from us, but we’re not sure we’d like to get up in the middle of the night and see it staring back at us!

This one definitely captures the Disney magic, and we reckon it’d be just as good to use on Halloween.

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Classic. Charming. Magical.

Perhaps this Disney Christmas tree is a little less ambitious than the last, but that doesn’t make it any less stunning! We love the snowy detail and all of the little Disney ornaments. The subtle lighting brings the whole thing to life, and this one is just absolutely gorgeous to look at.

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“Dress” to impress with this highly creative Christmas tree

Wow. Just look at this thing; it’s fantastic. @carolinachong has clearly channeled their inner Cinderella when creating this marvelous work of art, complete with cute animal friends! Though it’s a little less Christmas-y than the other picks, this tree is truly a princesses’ dream come true.

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Got a favorite Disney VHS? It’s probably on this tree

This one is a little different for several reasons. For a start, it actually comes from Reddit on a post by u/Maxfischerpresents. The second thing is that it is a tree made entirely of classic Disney VHS tapes! We love this tree, and the colored lights give us real Stranger Things vibes.

disney christmas tree
Credit: Reddit – @u/Maxfischerpresents

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Create your own ‘Toy Story‘ this Christmas

We’ll finish up with a Disney Christmas Tree that pays homage to the first Pixar movie ever made: Toy Story. This stunning tree contains a mixture of toys, merchandise, and hand made crafts, and we can’t get enough of it. The “ANDY” blocks and themed baubles and decorations are just the icings on the cake.

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Demorei 30 dias pra fazer cada enfeite da minha árvore de natal. Cortei, colei, pesquisei, pintei, fiz a maior bagunça em casa. O resultado superou o que eu esperava. Não falo resultado visual pq todas as árvores de Natal são lindas, mas nestes dias eu não esperava ter tantas mensagens ansiosas e de carinho, vcs estiveram comigo o tempo todo , me incentivando, torcendo, caminhando ao meu lado. Se eu soubesse que ter seguidores seria assim, teria feito um insta da minha vida a muito mais tempo ?, vc’s não tem idéia de como eu precisei de vc’s durante minha vida toda, mas Deus faz as coisas qdo tem que ser. Enfim eu escrevi este texto todo só pq eu queria dizer OBRIGADA.? A árvore está na minha casa mas ela é de vc’s.❤️

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This spooktastic Nightmare Before Christmas tree is EVERYTHING

If like me, you love the Nightmare Before Christmas, you will adore this tree. We recently wrote an OpEd asking whether Nightmare is a Christmas or a Halloween movie. Well, this tree certainly confirms it; it’s both! The pumpkins and cute characters are one thing, but the curved tip that calls to mind the film’s iconic dark imagery is just sublime.

A Walt Disney World fan’s dream Christmas tree

If you’re pining for Walt Disney World and can’t go right now, this is the tree for you. This phenomenal Disney tree is covered in iconic characters, and the Fantasia Mickey ears and hands are just lovely. However, the best part by far is the miniature Walt Disney World at the base of the tree, complete with monorail, Magic Kingdom, and a mini EPCOT!

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O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree…?

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A beautiful Cinderella tree fit for a princess

Another wonderful Cinderella tree to finish up our list. This tree is simple but effective. The light blue bows reminiscent of Cindy’s famous dress are beautiful, and the ornaments complement it perfectly. Of course, the carriage, doll, and glass slippers are the icing on the Disney cake!

We love every single one of these Disney trees and their festive decorations. You may not be able to visit your favorite Disney theme park this year, so why not create a tree topper worthy of the Magic Kingdom itself to bring the magic home.

Hopefully, these designs will inspire you Disney fans to get crafty and add a little magical decoration to your tree this Christmas. It could be with a Christmas ornament or holiday decoration you got in a Disney park, or just your favorite Disney character plushie sitting alongside your Christmas decor to get you into the holiday spirit.

Either way, be sure to share your best designs with us, we’d love to see them!

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Which is your favorite Disney Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments below. 

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