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The.Mandalorian - Turning Point

Congratulations Larry J. you have won our The Mandalorian – Turning Point from Thomas Kinkade Studios. It’s not too late to purchase Turning Point or any of the other Thomas Kinkade Studios paintings. Get them shipped before the holiday rush.

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This is the Way to a prize you won’t want to miss. Inside the Magic is excited to announce a brand new Mandalorian series from Thomas Kinkade Studios. The Mandalorian – Turning Point is the first painting in this brand new series.

Debuting on Mando Mondays we are excited to have the opportunity to giveaway a 12 x 18 SN Limited Edition Canvas in a Dark Pewter Frame to one lucky reader. The Mandalorian – Turning Point is valued at $750!

Framed: The Mandalorian - Turning Point -

Season 2 of The Mandalorian debuts Friday, October 30th only on Disney+. Each of the 8 episodes in season 2 will be released on Fridays and then come Monday you can enjoy special merchandise releases from participating retailers on Mando Mondays which you can read about here. Thomas Kinkade Studios has made a large commitment to this effort with 8 new paintings which will be in addition to their existing Star Wars collection which we’ve covered in the past here and here.

The Mandalorian – Turning Point

Today, October 26th is the official release date of this new painting. Thomas Kinkade Studios artist Monte Moore created the painting which as fans know is an iconic scene from Season 1 of The Mandalorian. It was at this moment that Baby Yoda became an instant sensation that captivated the world.

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In the painting, we see The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda’s egg pod with a defeated IG-11 laying in the background. This is obviously no ordinary bounty as the 50-year-old he was sent to find is actually a child of Yoda’s kind. How could the Mandalorian have known that this bounty would be a turning point for him as he becomes the child’s protector?

Thomas Kinkade Studios

Star Wars Collection

We can’t get enough of these Star Wars paintings from Thomas Kinkade Studios. Here are some of the other great options to choose from:

The Mudhorn

Released Monday, November 2nd The Mandalorian – The Mudhorn is the second painting in The Mandalorian series. This painting captures the moment in which The Child’s powers save The Mandalorian for certain defeat.

The Duel: Rey vs. Ren

Thomas Kinkade Studios The Duel: Rey vs. Ren

The Battle of Hoth

This painting captures the epic battle when Luke is able to take down an AT-AT with his Lightsaber. Look closely can you spot all 3 moons of the planet of Hoth or the Millennium Falcon making its escape?

The Battle of Hoth

Obi-Wan’s Final Battle

The rebels have to fight their way back to the Millennium Falcon and Obi-Wan knowing how important it is that Luke is around to defeat the dark side of the Force sacrifices himself for the cause.

Obi-Wan's Final Battle

A Son’s Destiny

Star Wars fans can’t forget this epic battle that had us on the edge of our seats. The Lightsaber duel is memorialized perfectly in this piece with Emperor Palpatine looking on.

A Son's Destiny

This is an epic collection that will be a proud addition to any fan’s home.

Rey of Hope

Rey provides the Resistance with Hope as her powers grow. The painting is set after she along with Kylo Ren defeats Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards aboard The Supremacy. Rey escaped in Snoke’s shuttle and meets up with Chewbacca to search for General Leia and Finn.

Thomas Kinkade Studios - Rey of Hope

Prize Entry

To improve your odds we have some opportunities you will want to take advantage of. Once you enter take advantage of as many (or few) of the additional options we give to increase your odds with additional entries. Within the giveaway app, we will link to every prior Thomas Kinkade Studios giveaway and give you entries for simply logging back in and refreshing your memory of the great Disney Art Thomas Kinkade Studios has. Additionally, you can rack up a lot more entries by sharing this giveaway with your friends and family.

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