Comments for ‘This is the Way’ to the Best Mandalorian Sweepstakes

The.Mandalorian - Turning Point


  1. Regina Karoscik

    Love this… so looking forward to the new episodes this week! I Have Spoken!

  2. I think this is going to have to be my new favorite painting. I do have so many close seconds though.

  3. Deborah Davis

    Anyone else missing the video link? I can’t earn those point because it is not showing up. Just keeps saying I must watch video to earn point! I even searched for the video – only came up with the one from Disney Springs – no points.

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Sorry for the trouble you are having. I checked things on our end and I can’t pinpoint the problem your having.

      Can you email contact@insidethemagic.net with “Giveaway Question” or similar in the subject line? We will additionally need the email address you used to enter the giveaway so we can get this fixed for you.

      Thank you for entering and Good Luck!

  4. Kim

    I too, cannot do d the link for the sweepstakes. Please help

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