“it’s a small world” Temporary Sign Installed as Construction Continues

in Walt Disney World


Credit: Disney

Today we have more photos of the ongoing construction for “it’s a small world” inside Magic Kingdom. If you would like to see our previous photos from yesterday click here.

There is more progress on the construction work outside of “it’s a small world” we see more walls, a temporary sign, and more! Here is a look at the outside of “it’s a small world” and the construction that is going on now. You can see the white canopy on top has now been installed, which was not there when our previous photos were taken.

its a small world construction
Credit: TJ Muscaro

Here is another photo of a new temporary sign for the attraction, indicating this construction project could take a while.

its a small world construction
Credit: TJ Muscaro

No word from Disney yet on when this construction will be finished, or if this refreshment of this classic attraction is part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney World. We will continue to update you on the construction for “it’s a small world” and we are excited to see what improvements are being made when the construction walls come down.

If you would like to get a look at the construction permit for “it’s a small world” you can read more about that here. The construction permit is for the replacement of signage, and the work on this project has moved quickly since the work permit was filed.

More Construction at Magic Kingdom

Just yesterday another construction permit was filed for general construction at the Main Street Bakery, which as we know is the Starbucks location inside the Magic Kingdom. We also covered that news and you can read all about the details of that construction permit here.

Are you excited to see “it’s a small world” construction walls come down? Do you think these improvements are being made for the 50th Anniversary of Celebration of Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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