It’s the ‘BestDayEvear’ Thanks to This Adorable Etsy Shop

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I don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for my next pair of Minnie Mouse ears that I can wear around the Disney parks. And, if you’re anything like me and are looking to add more ears to your collection, get ready because I am sharing with you all one of my favorite Etsy shops that sell tons of unique Minnie Mouse ears (and other Disney items!).

BestDayEvear is an Etsy shop which opened up in 2013 and is run by Disney fanatic, Katie, who actually first started off by doing embroidery. “I mostly did monogramming which began to sort of fall out of popularity after a few years and I was toying with the idea of what to expand into next,” Katie told Inside the Magic.

“I got into sewing and started selling home decor items like pillows and even some dog accessories but it wasn’t until 2016 that I got started with Disney inspired items,” she explained. “I had a trip to Disney planned and all of a sudden I just started noticing everyone making mouse ears so I thought I would give it a try. It really just took off from there so I quickly stopped selling everything else so I could focus on just the Disney stuff which I love the most!”

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✨Celebrating Best Day Evear's 4 year shopiversary today! ✨⁣ ⁣ Thank you all so much for your support over the years! It allows me to do what I love every day and I'm so thankful for that. The Disney community really is the best! I've met some of the most wonderful people through this job! I haven't done a "meet the maker" in awhile so here's a little bit about how I got started. ⁣ ⁣ I started my first Etsy shop back in 2013 called The Pink Pineapple and I sold embroidered items mostly made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric. I never intended to do this as a career, but it just took off and that was that. I eventually expanded into 5 Etsy shops (yes, 5! It's a pain, I don't recommend it!) selling a variety of items all using Lilly fabric. I did a line of dog accessories, custom sewn home items like pillows and bedding, actual fabric by the yard, the orignal embroidery shop then I started one where I sold mouse ears made with the Lilly fabric and well, you know how that one went. I had honestly grown to hate embroidery after doing it for so many years since it's a really tedious process sometimes so I was excited to branch out into some new things. Once the mouse ears really started to take off, I decided to close 3 of the other shops since I was constatly feeling like I was being pulled in 20 different directions all the time. I did keep the fabric shop though and still sell Lilly fabric by the yard on the side. It's fun to look back at where I started! I only sold Lilly ears at first then eventually branched out into adding coordinating shirts mostly with princess themes. Then I slowly added all sorts of other themes and now have over 500 listings!⁣ ⁣ It's funny how you can end up exactly where you're meant to be (oh hey Jesus!) I went to school for interior design with the intention of working for Disney imagineering but I found out it was really hard to get your foot in the door there. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do before finding Etsy then it just all sort of came full circle after that. I absolutely love running my own business and getting to work from home so the fact that I get Disney magic mixed in there too just makes it that much better!

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Let’s Go Back to the Beginning!

From Star Wars themed ears to attraction themed ears (like Tower of Terror) to unique, one-of-a-kind Starbucks ears — Yes, you read that correctly — BestDayEvear sells the perfect pair of ears for everyone.

But, to me, the name in itself is so eye-catching — So where exactly did it come from? Well, Katie told Inside the Magic that it actually wasn’t that easy! “Oh, I’m the worst at coming up with things like this!” Katie explained. “I spent days trying to come up with just the perfect shop name but so many of the good ones are taken. Tangled is my favorite Disney movie so I wanted something that tied in with that so I thought I was so clever coming up with Best Day evEAR.”

If you want to check out some of the Tangled merchandise for yourself, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop here!

The funny part? Katie actually wishes she picked a different Etsy shop name! “I actually wish I had gone with something else though,” she said, “because most people pronounce it incorrectly and anytime someone asks my shop name, it’s a whole long explanation as to why it’s called that. If they don’t know much about Disney, I get super confused looks most of the time. Someone saw the name once and asked if I was a wedding planner and I just said yes to avoid the long explanation.”

Katie continued by saying maybe one day, we will see a different name for the shop — I guess we will have to stay tuned! “The worst part is of course I came up with the perfect shop name right after it was all finalized! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll change it,” she said.

The Variety of Minnie Mouse Ears

So with so many different Minnie Mouse ear designs to choose from, we wanted to know which pair is Katie’s favorite!

Well, the answer tends to change (though we can’t say we blame her) every time she releases something new. “Pretty much anytime I make a new design, that one becomes my favorite so it depends on the day. Haha! Right now I would have to say the Swarovski rhinestone ears would be my favorite. I’m all for some bling!”

If you want to check out the Swarovski rhinestone ears for yourself, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop listing here!

But which pair is the most popular? The answer actually didn’t surprise us! “Hands down, Pascal is the most popular,” Katie said. “I get it, he’s a cutie! I never thought about this but it’s kind of funny that a Tangled themed item is my best seller. Maybe most people do get the shop name after all!”

If you want to check out the Pascal ears for yourself, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop listing here!

If you want to check out these Dia De Los Muertos ears for yourself, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop listing here!

More About Katie!

So, when Katie isn’t busy making and designing new ears for her Etsy shop, what does she like to do? Well, even though she isn’t a Florida local, her and her husband talk about moving to Florida all the time. When they do get the chance to visit the Disney parks, they love spending time in Hollywood Studios to ride the rides, however, if they want to soak up that Disney Magic, you can find them in Magic Kingdom.

“For overall Disney magic, definitely Magic Kingdom,” Katie said when asked what her favorite Disney park was. “I’m not sure anything quite tops walking down Main Street with the castle in view. However, my favorite of the land is Pandora. I love the total immersion and attention to detail that went into designing it.”

Want to snag a pair of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ears for yourself? Get yours by clicking here!

When discussing favorite times of the year to visit Disney, Katie said “I love all of the holidays but Halloween for sure! This is my first year not attending the Halloween party in years! I was crushed when they made the announcement the parties were cancelled this year.”

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If you want to check out the different Aulani ears available, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop here!

When discussing what she loves most about the Disney parks, hands down Katie said “the magic”.

“I love the magic,” she said. “I love that it’s such a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s not just about the rides, but it’s the entire atmosphere Walt Disney created. I love the detail that went into every part of the planning and the extent the Cast Members go to to be sure every detail is perfect. It’s truly not like any other theme park. You certainly don’t have the lifelong super fans for other places like say, Six Flags. I think that Disney magic is 100% what sets it apart and makes us all love it so much!”

If you want to check out these tie-dye ears for yourself, you can visit Katie’s Etsy shop listing here!

Ready to Shop?

Thanks, Katie, for sitting down with Inside the Magic and talking all things Disney, Etsy, and more!

As we mentioned before, BestDayEvear sells so many different Minnie Mouse ear designs but they also sell custom Disney shirts as well! So if you want to grab a pair of cute Minnie ears for yourself, or maybe you’re looking for a new Disney inspired shirt to add to your closet, be sure to take a look at Katie’s full Etsy shop here.

Which pair of Minnie ears will you be purchasing from @bestdayevear? Let us know in the comments below.

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