Which Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resident Gets Extra Pampered?

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Pampered Animal

We all know that the Animal Care Team at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park worked tirelessly even when the parks were closed for a few months to care for our beloved animal stars. A few weeks ago, we started getting an inside look at what really happens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom via National Geographic’s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom series, which premiered on Disney+ in late September. A new episode is being released every Friday so that all of us animal lovers are able to learn more about those that call Disney’s Animal Kingdom home.

The show takes Guests beyond the Savanna and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into the essential care for each of animal species that calls DAK home.

Tree of Life
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Pampered Animals

Each type of animal has a deliberately thought out plan of care that works best for them. Many get positive reinforcements when they are cooperating, but they also get a little pampering just because. One of those animals is getting scratches and bubble baths — and you probably won’t guess who it is. If you’re thinking they’re the elephants or hippos because they like to be around the water, guess again! It’s the hyenas!

Hyenas don’t have the best representation from their obnoxious laugh to their portrayal in The Lion King as Scar’s evil minions, but they, like any other animal, or human for that matter, need a little TLC too. The mutual love between the hyenas and Disney’s Animal Care Team can be seen in the snippet below from one of the episodes for Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Animal Care Team enjoys caring for the hyenas and all the other animals just as much as the animals enjoy being cared for.

Animal Education

We are learning a lot of new information that we may not have known before this new Disney+ series debuted. Disney’s Animal Kingdom animals have very unique stories because they live in the Savanna of a Disney property. It’s not the same as if it were in the wild, but they live a very special life of education and conservation. The Savanna isn’t the only place on Disney property they stay, though. There are also large barns behind-the-scenes where these animals get the proper care and treatments they need to live a healthy life.

Not only is the Disney Animal Care Team introducing us to the work that is done to keep these animals healthy, but how they observe and study these animals so they can all live harmoniously together. Just like humans, animals have social cues, and now with the help of Disney and National Geographic, those of us who don’t work in the wildlife industry are able to see how these animal interact and can communicate without using any words.

Disney’s Animal Care Team

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is narrated by Josh Gad, but he’s not the only one you’ll get to listen to throughout the series. You can hear how passionate each and every Cast Member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom from the front of the house to the back of the house is about what they do day in and day out at work. They truly enjoy what they do, and sometimes you’ll even get an enthusiastic Guest appearance from someone on Disney’s Animal Care Team on Dr. Mark Penning’s Instagram, who is the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment.

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