Marvel’s ‘Loki’ Disney+ Series Resumes Production

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Loki series

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw,  a star of the new Loki series that is currently in development for Disney+ recently gave an interview with Forbes in which she confirms that filming for the show has indeed restarted filming.

Mbatha-Raw, whose role in Marvel’s highly-anticipated Disney+ Original series is still unknown, touched on what it has been like during this pandemic, saying:

“I was in the middle of filming when the pandemic happened, so I had a real break, I’ve been painting and reading. Like so many others, I was at home for a long time,” she said. “Not to make light of the suffering going on, but in some ways, it has been an opportunity for me to get a fresh perspective on things. It is downtime that perhaps I might not have had, and now I’m thankful to be back to work. It’s been a journey for everyone, but it’s all for a greater reason and the greater good.”

Forbes also confirms in its article that Mbatha-Raw is already back to work filming in Atlanta, Georgia

While all of Marvel Studios’ production for the big screen and Disney+ were put on hold indefinitely, it is great to see things getting back up to speed. We know fans cannot wait to have another taste of the Marvel Universe.

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Earlier this week we got the first look at another highly anticipated Marvel Show, WandaVision. The trailer was exciting and different, it certainly whetted the appetite of Marvel fans everywhere. However, still no official release date for this show other than ‘coming 2020’. Marvel Studios also has The Falcon and The Winter Soldier coming next year to Disney+.

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We cannot wait to see all of the new content being created by Marvel! What show ar you MOST excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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