Universal’s Islands of Adventure New Coaster is COMPLETE!

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Tracks Are Complete on a new coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure!

With construction ramping back up at the Universal’s Islands of Adventure and the Universal Orlando resort, we have been looking closely at the newest Jurassic coaster! The new roller coaster at Islands of Adventure was slated to open in Summer 2020, but after the halt of the pandemic, construction was delayed. Universal has not yet confirmed that the coaster will be Jurassic Park themed, but the name ‘Velocicoaster’ is one fans of the famous franchise are anticipating for the new attraction.

Today we have found a tweet that has given us hope that we will be entering the prehistoric period maybe as early as this fall!

How has the progress been on the Velocicoaster?

We have been tracking the progress of this coaster, and it has really been moving along quickly. As soon as the parks opened back up in June, the track was looking almost fully complete.


New Coaster Complete at Universal's Islands of Adventure
Credit: ITM

After seeing the drastic change of the tracks, we knew that the coaster was going to be opening up very soon. It is one of the faster construction sites we have seen over at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, but as you can see from below – it has come a long way. Fans who love the Jurassic Park attraction are sure to be excited for this new coaster. Also, if we want to judge how Universal intertwines IP’s with high thrills – Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure is a perfect example of the potential this coaster holds.

What will the ride look like?

The outline of the track has been visualized to look like this:

With an indoor/outdoor experience, it will be very cool to see what animatronics may be included. We have already seen a giant raptor being craned into the attraction so it is safe to say we will be seeing some dinosaurs on this ride.


Are excited to ride this new coaster? Let us know below!


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