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Meteors, volcanos, predators? What else can dinosaurs withstand? Perhaps it’s delayed construction — no problem there. It seems that as Guests move in herds at Universal Orlando Resort, construction continues on the upcoming Jurassic Park roller coaster at Islands of Adventure.

Cranes and workers have been seen moving around and working on the yet unnamed coaster, so that means while we may not see a “Summer 2020” opening as originally projected, the birth of this coaster shouldn’t be delayed much further.

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Credit: ITM 

Jurassic Coaster at Universal Orlando

Check out our photos below of the progress being made on the Jurassic Coaster. Cranes are present, and many concrete pillars are in place. The track is being laid in. We can finally see the course taking shape.

jurassic coaster universal orlando crane shot
Credit: ITM

This long-ago tweet from Twitter user Chip Skambis discusses the layout of the Jurassic Coaster and possibly how long it could take. While it was sent out over a year ago, it still serves as a great visual to envision the finished coaster product from overhead. Skambis references WFTV9’s story about permits and relocating attractions where you may find even more information. Looking back, it’s fun to see how accurate (or not) it was.

Looking more closely at current progress, there seems to be a lot going on behind the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. Fans are supposing a fun barrel roll will take place in this area, with more surprises to come as lines of roller coaster track was being delivered mid-day and construction is ongoing.

jurassic coaster universal orlando islands of adventure poles
Credit: ITM

While We Wait, Dig This Dino Fun

While you’re gnashing your banana-length fangs over the wait for the new Jurassic Coaster, take a peek at the other reptilian offerings at the Universal Parks. At Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, you can now meet a baby Raptor named Sierra and encounter her infantile state.

There’s also fun to be had on the West Coast with Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, which promised “an all-new immersive experience for both fans of the films and those who are just looking for a good time at an awesome theme park.” This attraction opened last summer.

New Baby Velociraptor Universal
Credit: Orlando Informer/Universal

Will Life Find A Way as we move towards the Jurassic Coaster? Leave us a comment about your part in the Jurassic Park/World Fandom!

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