Could EPCOT’s Figment Be Going Through Some Changes?

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Figment from Journey Into Imagination!

Credit: Disney

Figment from the attraction ‘Journey into Imagination!’ is possibly one of the most revered characters at Epcot in Walt Disney World. However, is Figment or the attraction due for an upgrade? Let’s find out!

Epcot Update Concept Art
Credit: Disney

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Changes for Epcot

During the 2019 D23 Expo in Anaheim, it was revealed during a Parks panel that Epcot would be undergoing some major refurbishments. The Walt Disney World park would be getting a full overhaul with so much for guests to be excited for. The park will be separated into newly themed areas or “worlds”. Currently, ‘Journey into Imagination!’ is located in what is known as Future World. When the re-theming is complete, this specific area will fall into ‘World Celebration’. During the D23 Expo, nothing regarding news of changing or updating the Figment attraction was stated.

New Worlds Neighborhoods Coming to Epcot
Credit: Disney

Will There Be Changes to the Attraction?

Thanks to the Disney+ series One Day at Disney we were able to get a closer look to see if these changes are coming. The series episode this week focused on Cast Members who work specifically with Content Innovation at Disney’s StudioLAB. The LAB uses innovative and new technology to create and share with the world. During the episode, viewers got the chance to see artist, Nak Yong Choi, manipulating clay 3D models of our friend Figment. The sketches and renderings that Choi was working with bared a resemblance to Figment, but not the way we’re used to seeing him.

Credit: Disney+

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What Does This Mean for the Future of Figment?

Although the “One Day at Disney” episode showed viewers the different versions of clay 3D Figment models, the artists claim that they are for VR rendering only. No other word has been said about an update to Figment or the Journey into Imagination attraction. However, it seems like taking a closer look into the design of Figment could mean just nothing. All we can do is stay tuned!

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