Thou Shalt Wear Sanderson Sisters Face Masks

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It’s been nearly 300 years (down to the day) since we’ve started wearing face masks. At least we can say “The Witch is BACK…” during the Halloween season, and there’s an enchanting spell on these Sanderson Sisters Face Masks, available for you to purchase and call for your BOOOOOOOOOOK!

sanderson sisters face masks
Credit: Sublimations on Etsy

Sanderson Sisters Face Masks

We’re DYING for the Disney+ Hocus Pocus sequel to materialize, and although it has a director lined up, the sisters have yet to be cast to reprise their roles. In the meantime, we will simply enjoy the wealth of Sanderson Sisters merchandise that comes around each fall, like wine glasses, cookie dough, and especially the Spirit Jerseys.

Initially, Disney’s Hocus Pocus was a box office flop, but over the years thanks to multiple (and repeat) showings by the Disney Channel and later on Freeform, the movie continued to accumulate a massive fan base and now is a cult classic. Add to your love of the Sanderson sisters by growing your collection with the new Sanderson Sisters Face Masks featuring the iconic smiles, sneers, and judging lips of the Salem siblings. The Sublimations shop on Etsy is selling each of these cloth face coverings for $13.99 or the trio of masks for $38.00.

winifred sanderson face mask lips
Credit: Sublimations on Etsy

Winnie creates a disdainful look that we’re certain is useful in these days and times on her mask. Simply remove the approval from your eyes and you’re one step closer to the embodiment of the eldest Sanderson sister.

Mary, in turn, looks like she’s got a secret and is about to follow her impulse for smelling children and interrupting Winnie with one of her questionable discoveries.

mary sanderson face mask
Credit: Sublimations on Etsy

Lastly, the siren sister, Sarah Sanderson, readies her toxic voice to call for the children to gather for soulful draining. It’s the perfect trio of face masks for Halloween, or every day, if you love all things witchy and dark.

sarah sanderson face mask
Credit: Sublimations on Etsy

This fantastic home shot has Twitter user @DanielUlczyk displaying the use of the Winnie mask, creating an entertaining cosplay complete with tousled hair, and makeshift nails of packing tape. Hey, we’ve got to stay amused until we start streaming Hocus Pocus nonstop!

There are a few other Sanderson Sisters Face Mask options if you can’t choose just one witchy sibling. This illustrated Hocus Pocus face mask costs only $12.00 and ships free with other shop items. It’s a great way to show your Sister Spirit when out and about this spooky season.

hocus pocus face mask
Credit: Etsy

If the movie cover is more your style, evoke a classic Sanderson stance with the portrait of evil beauty in this fabric Hocus Pocus mask. It’s not Sarah, Winnie, and Mary casting some electrifying spells on the center in a movie poster pose we all know and recognize.

hocus pocus poster face mask
Credit: Etsy

  Which of the Sanderson Sisters Face Masks will you be choosing to chase Binx all over town? We might just spring for the trio so we don’t have to pick. Leave us a comment below!

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