Nestle Toll House ‘Hocus Pocus’ Cookie Dough Now Available

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hocus pocus cookies

Almost all popular food brands now offer seasonal flavors, from Coffee Mate’s Christmas creamers to General Mills’ summertime Toasted Coconut Cheerios.

Now that August is upon us and Halloween is seemingly just around the corner, Nestle Toll House cookies are offering a fall flavor that is perfect for Disney movie lovers! Hocus Pocus cookie dough is now on store shelves for a limited time.

hocus pocus cookie dough
Credit: Nestle Toll House

The oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough has only 90 calories per servings and is advertised to have no artificial colors or flavors.

YouTube user Tami Dunn reviewed the new Nestle Hocus Pocus cookie dough and shared she found it at Meijer. Other grocery stores around the country, including Wal-Mart, are also supposed to have the product in-stock.

More Hocus Pocus Merchandise

As autumn approaches, more and more Hocus Pocus merchandise has started hitting store shelves. If you enjoy anything that celebrates the Sanderson Sisters, you’ll want to try this “Witches Brew” recipe with your first batch of oatmeal peanut butter cookies.

You can also deck yourself out in apparel worthy of every Disney fan’s favorite witch trio with this Hocus Pocus spirt jersey.

Even your Christmas decorations this year can have a hint of “bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble” with these Hocus Pocus stockings.

Hocus Pocus
Credit: Disney

If you happen to be unfamiliar with the original Hocus Pocus film featuring Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker, Variety provided this synopsis in an article about the rumored Hocus Pocus 2 earlier this year:

“Hocus Pocus” followed three witch sisters who, after having been cursed since 1693 in Salem, are inadvertently resurrected 300 years later by a boy whose family has moved from Los Angeles to Salem. However, as the witches try to acclimate to the 20th Century, they discover — to their horror — that Halloween has become a holiday.

Are you excited to try the new Nestle Toll House Hocus Pocus cookie dough? Tell us how you celebrate Halloween in the comments!

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