VIDEO: Donald Duck Takes the Eurostar Back to Disneyland Paris

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Eurostar Disneyland Paris

All Aboard!

The Chunnel-crossing, international bullet train rail line Eurostar has now resumed its direct service from London, England, to Disneyland Paris.

To commemorate the event, Disneyland Paris released a new commercial, following the adventures of one very lucky Donald Duck plush.

EuroStar shared it, writing:

“Dreaming of an escape? Make it a magical one. Our trains straight to the gates of @DisneylandParishave now resumed. With our new flexible tickets, you can book today and go when you feel ready.”

Check it out:

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We see Donald set off on with his owner and her mom on what appears to be a mother with her son and daughter taking a trip back to Disneyland. Beginning in the international train terminal, we follow Donald all the way from the waiting room to their seats on the train to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Donald Duck Plus in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney/EuroStar

Along the way we see our family practicing proper health and safety protocols throughout the commercial. They are wearing face masks on the train, they remember to use hand sanitizer often, they are following the social distancing markers in the attraction queues, and they are taking selfies with characters from a distance.

Donald Duck Plush and Family taking socially-distanced selfie with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy
Credit: Disney

Donald Duck also goes around on his own. Waving at his friends in Disneyland Paris’ own cavalcades, and greeting people on rides such as Dumbo and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

All the while, Donald has a wide, excited smile on his face. He has returned to the magic.

Euro Disney Group also shared the commercial saying:

“Journey straight to the magic Eurostar direct service is back, so you can go from London to @DisneyParis_EN in as little as 2 hours and 45 minutes! Find out about how Eurostar can get you there with care.”

Disneyland Paris is special in that it is the only Disney Resort to have its own train station connecting Guests to and from cities like Paris and London. Disneyland Paris reopened its gates on July 15, making it the fourth Disney Resort to reopen after the month-long, pandemic-induced closure.

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