Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans in Stunning Art

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Disney’s animal protagonists are undoubtedly as iconic as each Disney Princess and have become beloved characters in their own right. That’s why artist Isabelle Staub took it upon herself to live out the Disney fan dream of seeing what our favorite animal characters would look like as people.

Check out these four amazing Disney animals as humans!

Disney animals as humans are divine

We love what Isabelle has done with some of our favorite Disney characters. The art is fantastic and it’s clear that she is a huge Disney fan to boot. On Isabelle’s Instagram page you’ll find a number of inspiring stories, including realistic art featuring classic characters like The Little Mermaid, so make sure you check out the whole gallery.

Now, without further ado – on with the art!

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Dory from Finding Nemo looks adorable as a human

Disney animals as humans
Credit: Instagram – @isabelle_staub

We love this Disney Pixar character fan art. This forgetful lady looks nothing like real-life voice actor Ellen DeGeneres, but she still looks great as a human! We love her blue and yellow hair that reflects Dory’s stunning animal coloring.

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Lady from Lady and the Tramp makes an ideal human Disney character

Disney animals as humans
Credit: Instagram – @isabelle_staub

Isabelle has drawn Lady beautifully with this gorgeous art piece. Everyone’s favorite Cocker Spaniel looks incredible as a human, with her long brown hair, beige top, and collar style choker and earrings. Now we just need to see Tramp as a human too!

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Is Nala your favorite animal character? Check her out as a human!

Disney animals as humans
Credit: Instagram – @isabelle_staub

The Lion King‘s Nala channels some 2019 movie vibes, as Isabelle’s interpretation of her human form is clearly influenced by Queen B. We’d love to see a short film where this gorgeous animal could meet her equally gorgeous human counterpart!

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Marie from The Aristocats looks as cute as a button 

Disney animals as humans
Credit: Instagram – @isabelle_staub

Marie looks beyond adorable as a human, with her white skin and pink accessories reflecting her feline character design. Isabelle has done an incredible job in translating each character’s unique personalities in only one image.

We can’t wait to see what she does next. In the mean time, make sure you check out her entire gallery on Instagram or TikTok.

Which Disney film character do you want Isabelle to draw next? Does her work include your favorite Disney character? Let us know in the comments below.

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