Carousel of Progress Reopens in Magic Kingdom

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carousel of progress

A popular and historic attraction in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom has reopened after experiencing some unexpected downtime.

Yesterday, we reported that Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress — Tomorrowland’s rotating theater audio-animatronic stage show attraction — was closed temporarily for unknown reasons. We acknowledged in our report that the attraction may be due for a refurbishment, as it has experienced some mishaps in recent months (with one of the audio-animatronic’s hands falling off mid-show). However, when the attraction was down it was not added to Disney World’s official refurbishment calendar.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

However, this evening just after 5:30 p.m. ET, we noticed on the My Disney Experience app and Walt Disney World Resort official website that the Carousel of Progress has indeed reopened.

carousel of progress

As you can see, the attraction has a low wait time currently.

carousel of progress

Keep in mind that the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is still closed. That attraction did not reopen when Magic Kingdom reopened on July 11. It has been closed all month long, and at this time there is no word on when the Guest-favorite ride will be back up and running for Magic Kingdom visitors to enjoy.

About Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a historic attraction that Guests have enjoyed at Walt Disney World Resort for decades. During this ride, Guests “follow an American family over 4 generations of progress and watch technology transform their lives.”

carousel of progress
Credit: ITM

You can read more about the attraction’s history in the description below, courtesy of the Disney World website:

Walt Disney originally conceived the show as part of a new area at Disneyland Park called Edison Square. When the concept was abandoned, the idea was reimagined, eventually opening under the name “Progressland” at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

With the classic song “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” by the Academy Award®-winning team of brothers Richard and Robert Sherman, the show was an instant hit. Following its success, the show moved to Disneyland Park and was renamed “The Carousel of Progress.”

In 1975, the attraction moved to Magic Kingdom park where it was rewritten and restaged with a new theme song, “The Best Time of Your Life.”

In the true spirit of progress, the show was reworked in 1994 to its initial incarnation with the original theme song intact—as a tribute to nostalgia.

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