OpEd: Why Waiting to Book a Trip to Disney World From the U.K. is a Good Idea

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Being one of the only people working for Inside the Magic who resides in the U.K. means that I have a very different take on visiting Walt Disney World to most.

Many people will be used to visiting Walt Disney World for a few days at a time before driving or flying back to their home. I, on the other hand, plan my entire year around a 2-3 week trip to Disney. A lot of saving, planning, and effort goes into a trip to Orlando if you live in the U.K.

With Disney announcing plans to open again in July, I am writing to tell all our U.K. readers to seriously consider hitting the brakes on your decision to book your next trip to Walt Disney World. Here a few reasons why.

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Getting into the parks could be difficult

Disney is looking at entry into the parks on a reservation-only basis when they reopen in July. If your trip is centered around you spending two weeks in the parks, this could prove difficult.

Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Universal has gone on record to say that all guests staying on property at one of their hotels will be able to get into the parks, Disney is still to announce any such plans, although we know some guests get priority in making reservations.

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The waters are even muddier for those who have trips booked to Walt Disney World in the U.K. than those who live in the U.S. U.K. fans have been asking for answers and we are yet to see anything concrete.

With a chaser going around just today that U.K. guests must pay for tickets by June 10th, the question many of us are asking is, why when we don’t know if we’re going to be able to get into the parks?

The Disney Dining Plan is on pause

Those who managed to take advantage of the free Disney Dining Plan offer have been told that this is being taken away and replaced with a 35% room discount if you rebook. This is all well and good, but even with that discount, it results in a two week trip later in the year (or into 2021) already looking more expensive than the original cost of a trip.

Interior of Le Cellier at Epcot
Credit: Disney

In addition, guests now have to pay for dining on property, something that can easily add up to thousands of dollars in the span of a couple of weeks.

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The free Disney Dining Plan offer is something that thousands of U.K. residents take advantage of, and without it, staying on property just got a whole lot less inviting.

We have no idea what restrictions will be in place

We’re happy to wear masks in the U.K. (largely) and happy to follow any rules that Disney has in place in the theme parks. What we don’t know is whether we will even be able to fly into Orlando International Airport for our trip.

Credit: Orlando International Airport

International travel hasn’t even been considered yet and with many airlines here in the U.K. on the brink of collapse, there’s just no guarantee we’ll even be able to fly (and fly safely) anytime soon.

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The cost is higher than we’ve ever seen before

I spent a lot of time on the Walt Disney World website here in the U.K. pricing my next trip. I try and visit for 2-3 weeks a year, but as it stands right now, prices have never been more expensive.

With costs going up and guest experiences suffering as a result of the current situation, you have to ask, is it really worth it?

Disney is due to be sending more updates to U.K. visitors to the resort in the coming days so I will be sure to share them as soon as I see them.

Prices could change depending on uptake

It’s likely that we are able to enter the biggest worldwide financial collapse we will see in a lifetime. This will result in many fans unable to travel to a theme park, let alone a Disney resort. This may result in Disney having to significantly reduce the costs of a Disney holiday for those living in the U.K. to encourage visitors back to a Disney hotel.

It’s worth waiting to see what happens.

U.K. Disney fans, what do you think about booking a trip to Walt Disney World at the moment? Are you put off? Let us know in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this OpEd do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Inside the Magic overall.

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