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  1. Triffid

    Need some Disney cheer… particularly this year so am hoping we will be ok to travel on our early Sept Hol. Most worried at the mo about the apparently poor dining plan compensation currently being offered to US customers – would feel aggrieved to be paying more for less.

    1. Fingers crossed for you! I currently have 5 nights booked at Universal Orlando in September (with time at Disney) but who knows what will be happening with travelling at that point.

  2. Davis

    Whenever you choose to come ryan or anyone from UK i hope your travels are safe and you enjoy enjoy yourself!

    1. Thanks Davis and I will be heading back as soon as I possibly can! Thank you for continuing to comment positive thoughts on my articles. I read each and every comment even if I don’t always respond!

      1. Davis

        I am humbled. I wish i could be around to meet you at dak when you do venture here but unfortunately my daughters days are limited and disney just granted me FMLA. It will be very hard on me for a while!

      2. Due to travel late September 2020,with cruise to Mexico then 3 weeks in I drive resort ,got park tkts all park hoppers,but now with restrictions will you even be allowed to hop between parks

      3. Davis

        Pete, right now we do not know whats going to happen till the parks open! And the levels of the state! So all the precautions your seeing are tbd as much as life is right now! I hope when you come you enjoy your time.

  3. Gareth

    We like so many others have had our trip cancelled which we were supposed to be flying today. I too have priced it up and without the free dining plan for 2 adults a 3 year old and an under 2 it’s like 2000 extra to go in September. If we could afford it which we cant I dont want to wear a mask or not see the shows or not visot water parks. By September it maybe ok but 2k extra ?

    1. Like you, I just can’t justify that additional spend right now. I have a feeling that prices will come down when they realise that people from the UK just aren’t willing to pay that money.

  4. Vaughan j Cosbie-Ross

    We were suppose to be going for 3 weeks from end of July this year. Originally booked with Thomas Cook 2 weeks before they went bust. Still waiting on Virgin to get round to us to either rearrange for next year or get our money back. I think some is tell us not to go.

    1. I am sure next year will be much better, fingers crossed you hear something soon!

    2. Rodger

      We were due to go in July flying with Virgin. Took the decision to cancel and rebook to next year at the weekend and we are looking at £1800 extra too!

  5. Leigh Mercer

    I am looking at booking February for a big birthday so will keep watching to see
    If prices go down

    1. You’re doing the right thing for sure. Keep checking, I am sure they will have to drop them eventually.

  6. Joanne

    We are hoping to still be able to go on October so looking forward to it

    1. Fingers crossed you are able to go Joanne!

  7. Nin

    We booked for Christmas, both Disney and Universal, as well as a 5 nights in the Bahamas. Have no idea what’s happening. If the parks are not open properly then no point in us going.

    1. Understand that completely. I think for us in the UK it’s really hard at the moment as we don’t know what’s going to be happening with flights, let alone how many days we will be able to spend in the parks.

  8. Norrelle Burns

    I’m booked for 2 weeks in Disneyworld in Sept with dining. So far all my dining reservations have been cancelled. Just waiting to find out what will be next.

  9. Michael

    We are booked to go 8th November this year
    At the moment we have only paid a small deposit, but if we are asked to pay for the tickets by the 10th June without knowing we can definitely go then we will probably cancel. We are very lucky we have been twice in the last couple of years. We will go again once it’s all over

  10. Richie

    I’ve paid £5000 for me and my 7 year old son to go in August. Was soooo looking forward to taking him and showing him what Disney has to offer, (he’s autistic) now though from what’s being put in place etc I’d rather get my money back. Parades are cancelled, meet and greets cancelled, no fireworks, a lot cancelled and for what I’ve paid won’t be getting that Disney experience at all. Will definitely be leaving it for a couple of years till some form of normality resumes.

  11. Deborah

    Hi like most here we have a trip booked to Florida / Disney in October with Virgin Atlantic . We stay off property and usually buy our park tickets from Orlando ticket deals. We’ve pretty much paid for the holiday but have yet to book park tickets. I’m worried we are not going to be able to book park tickets from this vendor !! As a result the Florida holiday seems pointless if we can’t go to Disney and universal and will the boarders be even open to us Brits !! Not really sure what to do … my gut is saying postpone till next year and save for the price increase!!!

  12. Karen Franks

    We are booked to spend Christmas and new year in Disney World this year but are not sure what will be happening by then or what to do – our flights are paid in full and we are not sure if we can move them or get a refund – I guess it all depends on whether we can get to Disney and what we will be able to do when we get there. It’s hard trying to make decisions without all the information you need – as people have said previously we have saved long and hard for a Christmas trip and don’t want to not get the full Disney experience. We booked with Disney direct but have heard nothing about paying tickets in full by 10th June – not sure what to do!

  13. Kate

    You have just validated my thoughts exactly! I just need Disney to make a formal UK announcement as my TA is still expecting me to pay my balance this week and I feel
    I have justified reason to cancel and not lose my money!

  14. Audrey

    Has anyone just received the email from Virgin Holidays to confirm their holiday by Monday 8th to secure Disney tickets?
    I am booked to go in Sep for 2 weeks staying on site but at this stage all non essential travel is still discouraged and you need to quarantine on return and my hotel is still not showing a date when it will be open.
    This was my fear that with the parks opening the travel companies will continue to operate so there is no chance of refund from cancellation. Only option to not lose deposit is to rebook for next year, but when will we be able to get the full Disney experience which is what we are paying the money for?! Are the ticket prices really worth it with no shows/parades/fireworks/meet and greets and restrictions to rides and dining? I don’t think so.

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