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Yesterday’s difficulty regarding the usage of the Disney Parks Pass Reservation System for Walt Disney World Resort resonated through the internet. Disney fans and prospective guests had immense challenges getting the system to load, having it recognize reservations, and Annual Passholders had extreme difficulty having Disney Resort stays identified ahead of a regular Annual Pass. Now that many have achieved Disney Park Pass reservations, Disney has begun sending out Disney Parks Pass Survey surveys about their user experience.

Thank you to Inside the Magic fan, Tina A. for sharing her screenshots with us. For those of us without Park plans (sad trombone), we are grateful to live vicariously.

Disney Parks Pass Survey

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Each guest polled received an email that identified them having made a reservation and requesting they begin the survey. While the survey is short, the questions in the early portion of the survey are interesting and give a glimpse into what we may expect.

Sadly, there was no option to share your difficulties about registering. “At first, I got really excited and thought I could share some constructive feedback about what was, quite frankly, a truly awful experience. But none of it… no free text fields or anything. It looks like they’re more interested in what will influence people to come again – wait times, crowd levels, physical measures etc,” shares Tina A. We’re grateful for the insight!

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Credit: Courtesy of Tina A. Source: Disney
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Credit: Courtesy of Tina A. Source: Disney
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Credit: Courtesy of Tina A. Source: Disney

The system then identifies which Park and which day a reservation was made, and asks the Guest to confirm.  The next screen, identifying the survey as 46% complete, then asks the Disney fan to consider their upcoming trip. “Which of the following do you agree with?”, asks the screen. The answers seem to run the gamut of our musings among each other.

Next up, and one of the last main questions in the Disney Parks Pass survey is about what the Guest hopes will be in place when they visit Walt Disney World Resort. More than one answer can be selected and Disney asks that you select all that apply for you. Guest temperature screenings (like at Disney Springs), face masks, social distancing, and other options are placed before the survey answerer.

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Credit: Courtesy of Tina A. Source: Disney

All in all, it’s quite a nice collection of questions for a prospective Guest, and will continue with  typical survey-end questions like “How many times have you been to Walt Disney World Resort?” or “When was your most recent trip?” These queries often are tagged onto the end of surveys that are either routinely sent out or requested by in-Park Guest Relations Cast Members.

As with many other Disney Parks surveys, guests are also polled about their various Disney affiliations, like being members of Tables in Wonderland, D23, Disney Visas, Costco, DVC, Club 33 as we all as holding Annual Passes.  Additional information such as earnings, age, and location are also collected to assist with marketing and other services. As always, some of these questions can be skipped or you may decline to answer.

The survey concludes with a thank you screen and invites the user to close the window.

Did you receive a survey? What are you expecting to see at the Parks? Leave us a comment below!

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