Disney Airs Empowering Commercial to Support Black Lives Matter

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Protests have been held across the entire country in various cities surrounding the unfortunate event involving the death of George Floyd.

The racial injustice protests are more than just George Floyd protests — People are coming together to speak out on social justice and to bring awareness of police brutality, racial inequality, and Black Lives Matter all across the country, which began after the unfortunate event involving George Floyd’s death.

The Walt Disney Company recently released a statement on the Black Lives Matter Movement and racial inequality, while Disney Channel, Disney XD, and other Disney affiliates took to social media to show their support. But now, Disney Channel is taking it one step further as they begin to air commercials to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Disney Channel Commercial
Credit: Disney Channel

Disney Channel, which reportedly averages over one million child viewers during any given minute in a year, is now trying to educate the children who watch their channel on the current movement with a very empowering 30 second commercial.

In between tv shows, children tuning into Disney Channel will see this empowering Black Lives Matter commercial, which begins with soft music as the words “Listening”, “Learning”, and “Healing”,  appear on the screen. Within seconds, the words “We stand for Humanity”, “We stand for Solidarity”, and “We stand for Justice” then appear on the screen.

The 30 second commercial then ends with “Speaking up because Black Lives Matter”.

You can watch the commercial below.

More Companies and Celeberties Who Are Speaking Out on Black Lives Matter

Disney Channel isn’t the only company delivering statements during the movement.

Celeberties are also taking to social media and Twitter to help support the Black Lives Matter movement. Star Wars actor John Boyega recently spread awareness as he joined the Black Lives Matter protests taking place in London. Along with Boyega, Star Wars director, JJ Abrams, and his wife, Katie McGrath, along with the entire Bad Robot Productions team has decided to donate $10 million to a variety of charities to help fight against racism and the black lives matter movement.

Jungle Cruise and Moana star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also recently took to social media to speak out Black Lives Matter.

In addition, the NBA, the National Basketball Players Association, and NBA players have all agreed to paint “Black Lives Matter” on the courts located in all three of the arenas that the NBA will use for its upcoming NBA season the Walt Disney World Resort.

What do you think of Disney Channel’s new Black Lives Matter movement commerical? Let us know in the comments.

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