No Screaming on Space Mountain? New Theme Park Safety Guidelines Say So

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No screaming Tokyo Disney Resort

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Picture if you will: You are finally back in a Disney theme Park, but when you ride Space Mountain, you are not allowed to scream, or you will be in violation of the new guidelines.

That is now the case for Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, and other major Japanese theme parks.

According to the Orange County Register,

“Screaming, shouting and yelling are prohibited on Japanese roller coasters according to new…health and safety guidelines developed by a national theme park industry group. 

The East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations represent major theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan along with coaster-centric amusement parks like Fuji-Q Highland and Nagashima Spa Land.”

Screaming on roller coasters- a tradition as old as the rides themselves- is yet another way theme parks attempt to resume operations and prevent the continued spread of the pandemic-causing disease.

Space Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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Tokyo Disney Resort hosts several attractions at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, known to insight screams or shouts of excitement from Guests. They include roller coasters like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Journey to the Center of the Earth; dark rides such as Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Tower of Terror, and Haunted Mansion; as well as simulator rides like Star Tour: The Adventures Continue and Nemo & Friends SeaRider. Not to mention the massive drop into the briar patch on Splash Mountain.

Tower of Terror, Tokyo DisneySea
Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Some of the rides mentioned are almost impossible to experience without emitting even an unintentional scream. And right now, Tokyo Disney Resort is keeping its theme parks temporarily closed, so Guests are not subjugated to such restrictions.

But there is progress being made at Tokyo Disney Resort. Shortly after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended his country’s State of Emergency, Disney’s oldest overseas Resort announced it would follow Shanghai Disney Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort by reopening its shopping center, Ikspiari, first. Ikspiari is expected to reopen on June 1.

What do you think about no screaming on a roller coaster? Do you think you’d be able to do it? Will the experience be as fun? Let us know in the comments!

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