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No screaming Tokyo Disney Resort

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort


  1. Markus

    Are they serious??? What if it just comes out of my mouth??? They have no control over bodily functions they are not my brain! Now they are pushing it…. also brings back the pt of what does a mask really do???
    Those crazy asians tg we all have different rules bc if disney put this rule across the board NO would go to the parks bc screaming and roller coasters go together! Talk about the weirdest lawsuit ever got kicked out for screaming on a roller coaster… LOL!

    1. Darlene

      Incite, not insight….lol

      1. Mark

        I never even used that word in my comment so na! Why is everyone an ela nazi here ?? Some of us come here w 2 mins to spare and maybe want to comment so sorry you all do not have lives that you literally look for things to correct! If i spent my time checking everyone language all day and not caring to comment but that i loose my mind!

        1. Sam

          So are they going to stop the fake screams they play when you drop on the tower of terror

    2. Carmine Crincoli


  2. Em

    Really??? That’s crazy and impossible to do. How do you tell a kid not to yell on a coaster or Tower of Terror? Won’t see me there with those rules.

  3. Faith

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!! Are these people ****ing crazy???? Absolutely won’t happen!!!!!!!

  4. Don

    We had reservations for 11 days for August. My wife along with 5 others who were going want to cancel. How I’m going to break the news to my 2 grandchildren I don’t know. Preparing for over a year. It will be devastating for the kids. So much for Wyndham.

    1. Ariana

      Wow, 6 people going to Japan? That’s got to be expensive. I would try California or Florida next time. Might be cheaper and they haven’t announced no screaming there. Just saying.

      1. How does your mask stay on a coaster going 55 mph, what happens when it blows off.

  5. Bob

    Those people are control freaks

  6. Cathie

    what happened to our free country, they are getting out of hand what’s next no talking..

    1. Louis

      Do you really think that our freedoms include the freedom to infect other people with a potentially deadly disease?
      Or should we take the RESPONSIBILITY to do what is necessary to prevent spreading this disease?

  7. Paul Alter

    Kids may not all be able to keep from screaming. But adults? Yeah, you should be able to keep your mouth shut and still enjoy the experience.

    Remember, the goal is to minimize the viral load exposure. Screaming will release between 200,000 to 20,000,000 viral particles. Best knowledge is it takes inhaling about 1000 viral particles to infect someone. But there’s lots of air turbulence on these rides, so that helps at lot. So the goal is to reduce the exposure. If half the normal screamers don’t, that’s a pretty big reduction in potential exposure.

    Bottom line: If you don’t want to comply with the rules, don’t go. I can’t tell you how much I want to visit Disneyland after our trip in May was cancelled. But I’m going to wait until I feel comfortable. That may be a while since it’s pretty clear there’s a decent percentage of the population that feels entitled to doing whatever they want around other people, regardless of the risks they expose others to.

    1. Greg

      Excellent post. Thank you for your voice of reason.
      There is no right to go to Disney parks. Don’t care for the rules? Don’t go.

    2. Patricia

      Excellent points. We are scheduled to go to Disneyland in October- my two daughters and my two grandsons. The boys haven’t been and at this point they don’t know anything about the trip. My daughter wants it to be a surprise that we’d reveal as we leave for the airport. Now I’m glad they don’t know yet, as I’m not sure we will all be comfortable going. (My one grandson has a compromised airway so we don’t need to do something that puts him at further risk.) Anyway, if we decide to go and they say to wear a mask, we all will. Right now I’m trying to decide whether to just wait till next year. Sadly, this would be the first year since 1997 that I haven’t been in a Disney park at least once during the year. I never thought a virus would be the reason I’d miss being there. But, it’s worth it to be safe and healthy. And if I can’t scream, then I’ll just remember all the times I did scream and that will be enough.

  8. cupcake

    okay what! roller coaster are meant for people to scream it terrifying i cannot stay calm i mean i scared of coasters but i still go on them i don”t know why but not screaming on space mountain? that just stupid.

    1. Sarah

      This is just ridiculous, I’m a Disney nerd, I love screaming on rides, that’s what makes them fun. No one’s going to want to go if you can’t scream. They really need to rethink this and realize how stupid there being.

    2. How does your mask stay on a coaster going 55 mph, what happens when it blows off.

  9. Dawn

    I couldn’t do it! I’ve tried to not scream on Rockin Rollercoaster, never works!

  10. M

    Country’s possessive, not countries plural.

  11. Becky

    I don’t see how this can be controlled. And if everyone is wearing a mask, then this should not be required. Isn’t this the purpose of the mask, to contain particles spewing from our mouths when talking, sneezing, laughing, etc.?

  12. Scarlet Toruno

    I love , love Disney. We go a couple times a year. I really miss it since I had to cancel our spring break Disney Plans. I was looking forward to go back in November because I prefer going in the cooler months but now I’m just turned off . The no screaming would just really kill the spontaneity of riding and I have 2 kids who probably couldn’t be controlled . It looks like I will just wait until they sort all this out.

  13. John Scarfi

    Has the World lost its collective mind? Stop it.
    Civilization has endured countless waves of disease in it’s history and survived even thrived. We all make choices about our lives every single day, add this to the list. But it is our choice. If everyone listened to the Doctors we would not eat red meat, or sugar or drink alcohol and we would all exercise daily. We don’t, because we CHOOSE not to. Make it so World.

    1. Barry

      We all have the freedom to make health decisions for ourselves, like what we eat and how much exercise we get. Those decisions don’t directly affect anyone but you. The problem with COVID-19 is that your decisions have the potential to have deadly consequences for other people around you. That’s why restrictions on things like physical distances, wearing masks, and whether you can scream on a ride matter–your actions can make other deathly ill if you happen to have COVID-19 and are asymptomatic.

      So we can all place nice and take steps to protect each other. Or if we don’t like the restrictions, we can postpone our activities until we can safely pursue them without those restrictions. Or we can ignore it all and see it all shut down again when the infection and death rates spike again.

    2. Anne

      THANK YOU, JOHN SCARFI!!! A man with an actual brain and rational thought. And, yes, the world has lost its collective mind, especially in this country. Has anyone noticed how many times Fauci has changed his? The sheep will follow and give up their freedoms. Tyrannical rule, with the support of the people. And then it’s too late.

  14. Mary Jo Flood

    How will they possibly enforce this ridiculous rule?

    1. Barry

      You may be right–it may not be enforceable–in which case they will have to shut it down.

      Honestly, I don’t think it would be fun to ride a coaster without screaming–that’s one of the reasons that I’ll wait until this is over before going back to Disney.

  15. Linda Ruffini

    I have never screamed on a roller coaster. I think it is unsafe and stu[pid. What if something happened and y
    ou really needed help?

  16. Carolyn York

    I doubt all this. Nothing is written in stone. Isn’t this just what the other Disney resorts in China, Tokyo are doing according to the author of this article?

    Is this just an opinion piece made to rev everyone up?
    Who knows, but I’m not taking this one serious.
    I’ll scream!!

  17. Janie

    You all realize its tokyo disney not here in the states your all acting like the parks here said this rule.

  18. Family of Five

    Thanks, but NO THANKS Disney. Any Ride or Experience INTENDED to be a THRILL RIDE should NOT be a ride you CAN’T SCREAM on. LOL

    So WDW…Open the Parks but shut down these rides:

    1. Pirates of Caribbean (Cannons being shot at guests in boats)
    2. Haunted Mansion (Haunted by Ghosts…Duh!)
    3. Space Mountain (“Gets inkier and scarier as journey progresses,”
    “Turbulent,” “A wild ride”)
    4. Thunder Mountain (“Thrill-seeker adrenaline surge,” “Turbulent,”
    ‘Wildest ride in the wilderness”)
    5. Splash Mountain (“Five-story drop,” “Terrifying at the top,”)
    6. Rock’n’Roller Coaster (“Topsy-Turvey,” “Harrowing at 60 MPH in
    2.8 seconds flat”
    7. Tower of Terror C’Mon…The very NAME SCREAMS TERROR!
    8. Aladdins Carpets (children screaming in delight while dodging a
    camel spitting water at them)
    9. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (Coaster whose ride vehicles swing back and
    forth as they zoom along the track)

    Also SHUT DOWN Expedition Everest, Star Tours, Smugglers Run, Rise of Resistance, Dinosaur, Tron, and of course both Water Parks with the ‘Thrilling water slides”.

    Good luck finding adult couples or families with children who want to pay thousands of dollars for a few kiddie rides, no parades, no fireworks, no shows, etc.

    1. Janie

      You do realize as i said above your comment THIS IS NOT DISNEY WORLD RULE! THIS IS TOKYO!
      The reason why fireworks are not going off is simple off season schedule is being brought back for quarantine which means no fireworks and limited ent! I know its been a few yrs since anyone has seen a true off season but thats what it is! Limited hrs and if that bothers you do not visit during this time or jan/feb where both folks like me in DL still see it and world does too just more rare. I see it alot during sept/oct but world has food and wine so they never see it then anymore.

  19. Carmine Crincoli

    This makes me wanna scream this in agony!


  20. Duane

    Once again another website with a partial truth to story. They are recommended due to virus guidelines but you Don’t have to follow them.

  21. Katie

    Oops. Only been on once… Screamed the whole time. I’m a scaredy cat. I apologise to the other passengers and my embarrassed husband.

  22. Lee

    This is stupid. Like mentioned that is part of the rides thrill. How are you supposed to explain to child that they can not scream on a ride. If wearing mask that is all that is needed.

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