FUNKOWEEN Adds New Haunted Mansion Glitter And Glow Figures

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Haunted Mansion Funko POPS

As if FUNKO Halloween Minion Figures (as Classic Universal Monsters) and Mickey & Minnie Halloween POP figures weren’t enough, the company upped the ante with even more frightful fun. The new Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures materialize this fall.

Six new figures join recently revealed Disney Haunted Mansion figures of the Organist (Disney Parks Exclusive), Haunted Mansion maid and four stretch room figures. These new FUNKOWEEEN mini-figures start their haunting spree later this fall.

new figues shown with glow

Halloween arrived early! Not that we’re complaining, as soon stores begin unearthing their fall fun (places like At Home and Cracker Barrel have been parting the Halloween veil as early as June in past years). Disney kicked off the swinging wake with their Halfway2Halloween celebration, which included appearances by the Dapper Dans, delicious recipes, creepy-cool crafts and fiendishly fun merchandise.

Enter the well-known creator of all things pop-culture, Funko. Their FUNKOWEEN celebration already showered fans with treats like Halloween Minion figures and Halloween Mickey & Minnie FUNKO Pop figures. Now, new playful spooks join the fun! Six new, or rather newer variations of prior figures, made their mark on the internet this week.

Six new mini figures

New Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures

Six sparkly new FUNKO mini-figures float from the Haunted Mansion and onto retailer shelves this September. If their ethereal enigma evokes a feeling of foreboding familiarity, don’t be alarmed. These glittery ghosts represent variations of the same figures found among Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary offerings last year.


Who’s who among haunts? For starters. Madame Leota joins the three Hitchhiking ghosts (now clad in white attire).  These four phantoms enjoy a glittery complexion but do not glow in that dark.  That luminescent luxury belongs to the final figures in this haunting collection: graveyard ghosts!


Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures HHG

Graveyard glow

For fans who MUST have these new fiendishly fun Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures when they arrive this September, a pair of pre-order possibilities may help with that need to dearly depart with mortal money.

Entertainment Earth offers the option to purchase a Haunted Mansion Mini Vinyl Display Case (at the cost of $94.99).

Collect all your favorite haunts and ghouls from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride! These figures come packaged in window display boxes so you can hunt and collect them all. Each stylized mini-figure measures approximately 2 1/2-inches tall. . .This Haunted Mansion Mini Vinyl Figure Master Carton includes a total of 12x individually packaged mini-figures.
-Entertainment Earth

Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures NEW mini figures

Additionally, the online retailer allows foolish mortals one more way to pre-order these ghostly goodies. Haunted Mansion Mini Vinyl Figure Random 4-Packs pre-order for $31.99 per set.

But wait! There’s more Mansion POP! Vinyl collectibles Haunted Mansion POP Vinyls  available for pre-order

Several of the aforementioned Disney Halfway2Halloween figures found their way to Entertainment Earth’s website.

First, a pair of stretch room figures materialized.  These $10.99 figures promise to ship in September. Each has two versions: The figure itself and the figure in its fully “stretched” state.

Have a blast with the Haunted Mansion Portraits Alexander Nitrokoff POP! Vinyl Figure.

Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures Alexander

Constance Hatchaway POP! Vinyl Figure retains her somber composure with both variants.

Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures Constance

Finally, the Haunted Mansion Maid POP! Vinyl Figure is sure to appeal to both guests and cast members.

HM Maid

Make Final FUNKOWEEN arrangements now

With the six new mini-Mansion figures as well as the full-size figures, fans of Disney’s ghostly retirement home have a lot to choose from this fall.  Of course, FUNKO figure collectors will want to hop over to Entertainment Earth to secure these newest Haunted Mansion must-haves before they haunt store shelves in September.

Haunted Mansion Glitter and Glow figures graveyard glow

Which of these Haunted Mansion POP Vinyls will be following you home this fall? Kindly, share your haunting tales in the comments below.

Source and images: Entertainment Earth, All Hallows Geek


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