Eerily Perfect Haunted Mansion Bags from Loungefly (Available Now)

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How particularly peculiar! The 2020 #Halfway2Halloween celebration by the Disney Park Blog gave us some amazing releases to shopDisney just in time for Halloween! The ” shriek peek ” of new Haunted Mansion Loungefly products came via a May morning blog post and primed our DoomBuggy for departure, because the Halloween merchandise is all the rage this year!

Haunted Mansion Loungefly Bags

This Haunted Mansion merchandise release from Loungefly includes not one, but TWO bags and a card case (we wish there was a matching wallet, too!). The Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts and Haunted Mansion Maid / Ghost Host uniform grace the fronts of the Loungefly bags. The die-cut lace fontange (complete with bat) is the perfect topper for this Haunted Mansion Loungefly Mini Backpack with a ruffled apron. We can’t wait to see what details are inside, like the printed lining, what may be embroidered on the back, or how the front pocket may open. (A flap, perhaps?)

ghost host loungefly mini backpack haunted mansion
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Crossbody Bag looks a lot like a domed DoomBuggy! The adjustable padded shoulder strap is made of Loungefly’s classic faux leather and the hanging loop is perfect for digging around for your missing ball and chain. The front zip pocket looks so much like the doombuggy front we’re DYING to see the inside print! There is no price point yet for this shopDisney upcoming exclusive.

Loungefly crossbody haunted mansion
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The third awesome item is the Haunted Mansion cardholder by Loungefly. With the Madame Leota-like sculpture at the top of the mirror, the glow in the dark, and possibly holographic clasp are perfect! We’re hoping the reverse of the cardholder has a clear pocket for an ID holder, making this the perfect simulated leather accessory for any Ghost Host.

huanted mansion cardholder
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Other Haunted Mansion Gear

If you just can’t choose a Haunted Mansion Loungefly bag, you can instead shop for these Haunted Mansion collection wallpaper-clad items. They are a nightmare come true!

Write your last will and testament with this Haunted Mansion Bat Pen for $14.99, or pack your worldly belongings in this Haunted Mansion Mini Backpack in Wallpaper Print for only $75.00. It’s a great pick if you’re needing a Mansion bag for an upcoming Disneybound! You can also don the coveted Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey with the stylishly sinister wallpaper pattern which has quite the cadaverous pallor.

Which Haunted Mansion piece will you be sporting throughout Magic Kingdom? Share your Halloween spirit in a comment below!

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