Disney Springs Guests Share Grief Over Some Not Wearing Face Coverings

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Disney Springs Face masks

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Yesterday, Disney fans rejoiced in celebrating the reopening of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. However, some were also quick to point out a new policy that came with this reopening: the fact that all Guests on the property have to wear face coverings of some kind — which some are now questioning the level of enforcement and rules surrounding this new rule.

In a tweet by Twitter user @CuriousAxel, he writes, “We’re back at @DisneySprings for dinner, one big difference…people aren’t wearing their face mask anymore, drinking or not… But it’s okay if it’s your job.”

Along with the tweet, the user included images showing people taking their masks off to sip drinks as they walk casually throughout the entertainment complex. However, another image shows a group of people sitting at benches with no food or drink in hand and no face coverings.

Guests at Disney Springs can take off their masks while eating or drinking at the entertainment shopping center. However, some commenters on this post questioned the exact specifics related to this workaround to the rule, which some say Guests planned to utilize to ultimately not wear face masks.

@JenM512 writes, “I’ve already heard people saying they plan to hold a drink all day so they don’t have to wear the mask and load up on ibuprofen so they can beat the temperature check, which is factoring into our decision to move our trip to next year.”

@Mjh31183 writes: “Holding a Starbucks cup is the secret loophole.”

@ZLeeily wrote: “Seems the rule is if you hold a drink in your hand all day, you get to justify having no mask :/.”

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However, others say that people are following the rules — they’re just not sure when the rule is enforced. @RomeAlexandria writes, “It looks like several of them that don’t have a mask on are drinking. But I think they are supposed to sit down and eat or drink…”

@HeyChrisTravels pointed out that those sitting on the benches all seemed to be family and were all sitting “6 feet apart.”

Although, even though those sitting on the benches seemed to be abiding by the rules of social distancing, other commenters shared testimonies from their visits to Disney Springs, saying they had witnessed people with their masks off their faces for extended periods of time while walking around as long as they had a beverage in their hand.

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@asunnystofmind shared that during her visit to Disney Springs, she witnessed “…a lot of people walking around with masks under their chins and taking them off for pictures.”

She continued: “I saw this a lot in the couple hours I went…”

Stephen Alexander says during his visit. He witnessed “at least 30 in less than half an hour,” not correctly abiding by the face-covering rule, which caused him to leave the entertainment center.

In total, the post had over 57 comments, many of which were upset that there wasn’t strict enforcement pushing Guests to put their face masks back on upon finishing their food and beverages or between bites or sips.

What are your thoughts on this rule and possible workarounds some Guests have considered utilizing not to wear a face mask? Let us know in the comments! 

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