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Disney Springs Face masks

Credit: Disney


  1. Ahnsael

    Some pics do picture people with drinks at the ready, and I get that.

    But a LOT of the videos I saw yesterday showed people with masks being worn as chinstraps (no drink or food in sight), and others taking off their masks to talk to the person next to them.

    I get that some don’t want to wear masks. Fine. Don’t go. But going and then flouting the rules is only going to keep the parks closed longer.

    1. Bridget

      very well put

    2. Cheezer

      BAAAAAÀ. Good job little sheeple the force is strong in you. At what point does freedom play a part in your life? Are you always just going to do what you are told? Then go and tell on everyone who doesn’t? These are rules are rediculous and you just want to go to Disney parks so back you put freedom on the back burner? I love amusement parks and have passes to many parks. I also work in the medical field and know that the truth isn’t being told about this virus. It’s people like you that sold out our country and now everyone has to suffer because you let fear run your life. When do you draw the line on your Freedom? Is it when they break down your door and take your children away? The time to stand up was yesterday. Don’t look to us to help you when your communist USA turns it’s back on you! You want to live under total control? Move to China and get the hell out of the USA!

  2. Mmluv

    Imagine how much harder these rules will be to enforce in the parks. Everyone walking around with Starbucks or churros in their hand all day to avoid wearing face masks. Way more people to control. It’s going to be tough for cast members.

    1. Mark

      And the summers only getting hotter!

      1. April Bonilla

        Maybe people are taking the mask off for a quick breather don’t you think ???

      2. Davis

        April some security arent as decent as me and would let you! Btw as someone whom past out i can tell you a quick breathe wo the mask esp once we get to 115 in shade not going to do much anyways!

      3. Carl Nowell

        Stay home until cooler weather arrives.

  3. CJ

    I don’t get the need to wear a mask outdoors, many feet away from people. I will totally avoid the parks as long as this is a rule (and I understand it’s not necessarily Disney’s fault – they are complying with the union and the visitors who demand everyone be masked). Even if not enforced, I can do without all the mask-shamers. If you’re this terrified of a virus with a 99.5% survival rate, you should probably stay home.

    1. JB

      It has about a 6% fatality rate in the US.

      1. Jt

        No it doesn’t. One of the most recent studies, just asking those proven to be infected, put it at 1.3% asking those infected. Now, add in those that aren’t to that, the number shrinks. It’s less than 1% of the total population, counting infected and not.

      2. Ryan

        You need to learn math. It’s not even close to a 6% fatality rate. It’s closer to half of one percent. Take into account that we don’t know all the asymptomatic people that have had it. There is a high probability this virus has a fatality rate of a quarter of 1 percent.

      3. Alieila

        100% agree! If you are afraid of this “virus” stay home! We proudly walked around without masks! Enjoyed the air and had no one “sneeze” or “cough” on us. We “social distanced” ourselves as much as we could! After all it was “social distance” then “masks” then oh wait “masks are ineffective.” If you are afraid of a little virus, then stay home! We plan to enjoy our time!

        1. Bridget

          Mickey’s House, Mickey’s Rules. If you can’t live by the rules, get out of the house. It’s a respect thing.

    2. Catlyn

      I agree! If you aren’t comfortable being around others at this time, you should stay home! Cast member and guests should not have to wear masks. They’ve proven ineffective anyways.

      1. Bridget

        If you not comfortable following the rules, you should stay home when you make your own rules.

    3. James

      This. This misinformation is exactly why people think these face coverings are needed or effective. Neither is true. They make some people feel better and are designed to calm the public.

    4. Caroline

      I agree about not having 2 wear it outside & also has anyone had enough brain cells 2 think about people with asthma or COPD walking around with a mask on in 100 degree heat?

      1. Bridget

        Of course, I wear oxygen when I wear a mask. I have to walk to keep my lungs in the best shape I can so I’m not on oxygen 24/7. By opening up Disney Springs and EVERYONE following Disney’s rules people like me can still enjoy the outdoors. If they do away with mask, then I will have to go else where. COPD patients can survive!!! You walk slower and take many breaks. Don’t use me as your excuse to push the envelope and be disrespectful.

    5. Carl Nowell

      Well said, CJ. Mask shamers are a pain in the rear. They must be democRATS, always telling other folk what is Right or Wrong, when they don’t know themselves.
      I hope everyone who visits WDW will at least follow the rules and guidelines to stay safe and when the visit comes to an end, everyone goes home in good health.

  4. CLRII

    How about the people who don’t want to wear makes don’t and take the risk, if you want to wear one fine, your choice. People are worried about the risk of getting this, you take a risk everyday when you leave your home and get in your automobile . You have a higher chance of dying in an accident than of corona virus.

    1. Jackie

      Florida took the risk already we were never mandatory!

      1. Mark

        What part of the mask protects ME from YOU don’t you understand? I don’t need ti get sick because you are too much of a pansh to follow the rules and actually care about those around you. So i shouldn’t go because YOU failed at adhering to the rules.. sorry buddy, thats not how it works
        . Follow the rules or go the hell home.

      2. Karen Ruchak

        Rules are rules, you don’t need to have your mask off all the while you have a drink in your hand, you can walk, stop , sip put mask back on. You are just pushing your right of freedom to not wear a mask, fine. Disney is private property and as such is their right to assert any rules they deem necessary. Restaurants also have the right to refuse service for no shirt, no shoes, no service. No mask, no service!!!

        1. Mary

          The mask doesn’t protect me from you but it does protect you from me. I’ll wear the mask happily if it allows the parks to reopen.

    2. Jim

      Mask helps protect OTHERS, not yourself. Maybe you can just give a **** about someone other than yourself for a change. But you won’t sooo…..

      1. Macy

        How is it my responsibility to protect your health?

        1. Missy

          treat others how you want to be treated.

        2. JJw

          Macy-your completer selfishness & disregard for others is how this spread on the first place. Stay home and share your “selfish” germs with your friends & family who obviously raised you to disrespect otherrs!!

      2. Sally

        No they don’t. If masks protected others then every sick patient in every hospital would be wearing one. Guess what, they don’t. Protect yourself. It’s not my responsibility to protect you, just like it’s not your responsibility to protect me

        1. Tiffany Hammond


        2. Bridget

          Sally, reputable hospitals close you in a room and do not allow you out into the halls if they think you are contagious and IF by chance they have to move you from the room they make you wear a mask.

      3. Jackie

        The cdc said they changed their mind and do not work so hard to argue it besides drs N nurses are still getting sick and a few have died so your point is??? I survived cancer 3x and been told by my dr that it is harmful to my health to wear one! Maybe you should think about others yourself and know many have issues health wise were it might not be possible to wear em! Forget hospitalization from heat exhaustion is a think wo masks!

        1. Malouff

          If you can’t wear a mask you should be able to wear a face shield.

      4. Grim Reaper

        Let me guess, last flu season you wore a mask everywhere to protect others from you—-

    3. Missy

      this argument is undermined by the fact that driving a car is much safer now because to drive a car, you have to have a license, the car needs to be up to date on inspections, you need insurance, there’s tons of mandated safety features in cars to protect the drivers, passengers and the people who get hit by said car, stuff like air bags and seatbelts. As for risk taking, the risks vary, for person with underlying conditions, including age, the risk of getting and dying from covid 19 is very high, but i guess you’re willing to let them go or make them stay inside for life. Wearing a mask is not for the person wearing the mask, it’s to stop the spread. Maybe you’re good with getting covid 19, but if the hospitals are swamped with covid patients, there’s only limited services for everyone else. Trust me, i live in Queens, NY, back in April, the city sent out text messages telling people NOT to call 911 unless it was life threatening. Breaking a leg or a bad cut is painful and needs to be treated but not life threatening.

      1. CIBS

        Just because your Gov and Mayor are dunces (forcing elderly with covid into nursing homes) doesnt mean you get to foist your silly notions on the rest of us. If youre scared, stay home. The rest of us have a country to rebuild.

    4. Evie

      Completely agree! Stay home if your afraid. Way less than 1% are even affected & we all are supposed to suffer?!?!

      1. Nancy Lewis

        It’s a stupid rule. I,m not wearing a mask in 90 plus degree weather. People will be passing out. If you,re that afraid of getting something stay home.

        1. Malouff

          You are going to either need to limit the time and activities that you are doing
          or consider wearing a face shield instead then.

    5. Tiffany Hammond

      Agreed! And those that are worried then don’t stand within 6 ft of them. Stop babysitting everyone else and take care of yourself. Also they can’t enforce masks if they have other health issues that masks will put them at risk for and that is stated on the CDC page!!

      1. Mark

        Heart attacks and cancer still kill more people and no mask can save you from it! Thats facts!

    6. Malouff

      A N95 mask blocks up to .3 micrions and the virus is smaller than that so we social distance to help not inhale the virus.

      The msks aren’t going to help us not inhale the virus or those of us who didn’t want to be infected would simply wear our mask and not care as much if other people choose not to.

      The Mask is to prevent the spread of the larger aerosol particles that can travel further distances of 12 feet or more and stay in the air for up two 2 min so we are protecting each other by wearing a mask.

      So the rest of us would now need to keep a social distance of 12 feet or more from you and somehow determine if you’re wearing a mask or not looking at you from any possible direction without your mask to not inhale your possible virus.

      Why are you entitled to more space than anyone else?

      Health care providers however would ultimately have no choice but to risk their lives getting in close proximity to anyone who possibly became infected.

      It’s the Health providers asking us to wear the masks and social distance to ultimately protect them.

      So I say if you can get a note from the Hospitals Emergency Room saying that they are fine with you taking your risk and make it into a QR code hosting the document on their website that you should be entitled to make it into a two sided T-Shirt so the rest of us wondering why yoy don’t have a mask could scan it and understand why your taking the risk.

      1. Concerned nurse

        And people like you are the reason why DRS and every task force and personal involved is saying this is going to become a mental health crisis! Just live in a bubble w the wrong info and the tv that tells you nothing!

  5. Josiah Donaldson

    Here’s a thought. If this thing was as terrifying as the media portrays don’t you think everyone would be wearing a mask the right way. At least we don’t have people falling dead on the streets like in 1918, and those that died then died at the ripe old age of 25. Not like today’s virus that kills mostly people in nursing homes…

    1. MS

      That’s what happens when you base rules that don’t have a logical basis. You’re six feet apart, outside and yet required to wear a face covering? It appears the face covering requirement is based less on public health concerns and more on limiting potential liability. I believe people would see the need for a face covering requirement if they were indoors or in areas unable to distance adequately. Face it there’s an elevated risk being around people. You then attend a place where people want to gather and complain that the “rules” aren’t being followed. Each individual has to be comfortable with the level of risk they will accept. I for one am fine with being outside at an adequate distance from others who choose to not wear a face covering. I get more concerned if I was inside for long periods of time, assuming minimal air filtration, and my fellow patrons were not wearing a face covering.

    2. Paul Alter

      To compare the 1918 flu pandemic to the COVID-19 pandemic is really false.

      Viruses had only recently been discovered, and the first human flu virus wasn’t identified until 1933. The firsts antibiotics to treat many of the problems arising from viruses, such as follow on development of bacterial pneumonia, weren’t discovered until 1929, and weren’t widely available until the 1950’s. Heck, in 1918 physicians were still debating whether they needed to wash their hands or sterilize medical equipment. They didn’t have any of the treatments we use today, including anti-viral drugs, steroids, etc.

      The death rates were absolutely the highest in the very young (4 years and less), very old (65 years and more), but it also had an unusual increase in those aged about 20-30.

      Here’s an interesting math fact about how contagious COVID-19 is compared to the typical flu that runs every year. “Normal” flu as a R0 of 1.3 – the measure of how many people will catch the virus from one person. So, on average, 1.3 people will catch it from one person. COVID-19 has an R0 of about 3 (range is currently about 2 to 6.6). Doesn’t sound like much, right? But if you do the math, in 10 rounds of infections the flu will infect less than 50 people. The COVID 19 virus will infect over 59,000 people.

  6. Kevin H Jones

    Masks don’t work anyway. Not even to protect others, unless they are MEDICAL N95, and they should be left for medical personnel who desperately need them where disease is prevalent (hospitals and nursing homes). A South Korean study that tested cloth masks had people cough over a petri dish while wearing one. It was not pretty. Plus, anybody whose worn glasses is aware of the ineffective nature of face masks, as their glasses fog up when breathed air (and potenial germs) take the path of least resistance. That path of least resistance is forced to coming and going near your eyes, which is always the first place one should not touch with dirty hands. No, what we need to do is realize that COVID-19 is no more communicable than the Flu (per a Johns Hopkins study), and have ONLY those with illness or contact with sick folks, to distance themselves (stay home). We who are healthy need to stop being scared of each other, and we all need to practice better hygiene and learn to vampire cough. The sooner we get rid of this irrational fear, the sooner we will all be able to return to smiling and laughing with one another and not giving everyone else the ol hairy eyeball.

  7. Abean

    Who is this guy a s why does his opinion matter?
    What can people mins their own business?
    So, this guy was “complying” to the rule and suffocating under a mask (it was 94 degrees here in orlando with a real feel of 102) and he was mad people removed their face coverings. I got news for all of you– if you cant handle that, stay home! You can’t control other people, just worry about yourself. If you are walking past someone that isn’t near you, the virus they most likely don’t have isn’t going to jump onto you.

    1. Jenn

      Bahahaha. You’re right. It occurs to me….we’re ready to kill EACH OTHER more than the virus is.

    2. Mark

      Maybe YOU should stay the hell home. Yes they can control you, its a private business district, their rules, you follow them or out you go.

  8. Kay

    Babies can’t wear them.

  9. Paul

    Wearing a mask is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes

    1. Tina

      Really Paul is telling it true.If it’s mandatory I’ll comply although there are consequences I had to wear one for my hair appointment inside a building and my face was covered with a rash for 2 days bright red, not sure what will happen in the heat of the day in the Parks I have a hard time breathing in them and am not so sure I or anyone could get heat stroke or exhaustion and/or faint in the excessive heat.Truly they are going to cause problems for the person breathing in his or her own fibers with particles all day.One of my favorite things about the Parks are the smiles and fresh air.This debate is showing not all are feeling the magic.

    2. Mark

      Or keeping back gators etc its like they were here first… just ask ol smiley in frointerland!

  10. John Owen

    Nazis follow orders… Guess who tattles on their neighbors to the Nazis….

  11. Nancy Lewis

    It’s a stupid rule. I,m not wearing a mask in 90 plus degree weather. People will be passing out. If you,re that afraid of getting something stay home.

  12. Howard in PA

    Disney has to either toss the mask abberants or isolate them separately from the people following their stated guidelines.

  13. Tony

    I’m not wearing a mask for anyone if you are that afraid of this BS then stay home. I spent four days in pigeon forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee and absolutely no one was wearing masks over there. Stop the paranoia and get back to your normal lives the media is exaggerating this crap.

  14. CIBS

    I have the complaint line that these busy bodies can call. 1-800-BOO-HOO ext. WAAAAAH

    Stay home if you’re scared.

    1. Karen Ruchak

      Stay home if you are not going to follow the rules, you are people of entitlement and feel rules do not apply to you. I’ll bet you don’t even stay 6 ft from other customers when you shop for groceries, you probably walk within 6inches of someone with a mask on, just to show you don’t give a f???
      These rules are only temporary till this China virus is under control.

      1. CIBS

        Your fear doesn’t supersede my freedom.

        I don’t wear a mask because I’m not sick.

        You don’t quarantine the healthy.
        The virus is already under control and you’re just buying into all the fear porn for something that has a 99.5% survival rate.

  15. Scarlet

    We cannot police the whole world,people are going to do what they want to do no matter what. Its up to the individual to wear one or not.

  16. Pierre

    It’s not that people are “scared”. It’s a way to help prevent the spread. Guess you will never understand unless it affects you personally. Just try and have some respect for your fellow man. Is it really that hard? And quit making this political because it shouldn’t be. My faith in humankind is lower than ever. On this Memorial Day, remember those who died for us and you can’t even wear a mask. Shameful.

    1. Mark

      Problem is that now that they say surfaces arent contaminated for more than a few hrs and mask arent needed bc even the cdc just came out and said they do nothing…. as per example that everyone whom has worn one in the health industry still got sick! Cancer and hearth attacks plus mental health kill more people daily! Hope you love living in a bubble bc getting sick and dying is part of life sorry to tell ya that! And if you think i am making stuff up i lost my parents to the common cold!

      1. April Bonilla

        Maybe people are taking the mask off for a quick breather don’t you think ???

  17. Bridget Langley-Broadwell

    I was there opening day, I stared a man down until he put his mask back on and he was not holding anything. He had it dangling from one ear. I was very vocal by my surprise and shock in his disregard for others all within the first couple hours of opening. Literally! It was 11:30am and they opened at 10. Is the security for looks only? Because they were everywhere.

  18. Pete

    It’s all gotten TOTALLY ridiculous already!

  19. cupcake

    i mean on one hand i think it it completely unfair that some people aren’t wearing mask but on the other hand i understand it pretty hot so i get that people need to take off their mask for a while.

  20. cupcake

    but i completely understand why people need their mask off it probably 90 degrees you don’t have to wear a mask all the time. it people don’t want masks they don’t if you do then you do i don’t get why people are arguing.

  21. Carl Nowell

    Give each Cast Member a body camera like what the police use then if the Cast Member is threatened or a person uses vulgarity towards a Cast Member and or refuses to follow Disney’s rules on wearing a face mask then at least the Cast Member will have proof of a socially unfit moron. Disney staff can at the end of the Cast Members shift download the body camera into the computer for Managements analysis in order to structure ways to get guests to follow the safety guidelines or be told to leave the property, (by a Disney staff member and a LEO to enforce the order to leave.
    I believe most people will follow the guidelines for safety for themselves as well as for other Guests.
    There are more nice people out in the world(s) than those folks who are”Rude, Crude & Socially Unacceptable to Society.”
    Go to any Resort, or Theme Park on WDW property or even to a place within the city and help yourself as well as strangers who want to stay healthy instead of being so negative.

  22. Catherine

    I was at Disney Springs as well and people were wearing masks unless they were eating or drinking. First of all I don’t understand the problem people are having if they have their mask down while they are eating or drinking. They are 6 feet away from you and if there are not then you can remedy that. People are not going to up and down their masks with every sip and what are you doing? Watching to see how many sips they take and when? If you are doing that then you definitely should not be going to Disney Springs because clearly you are too afraid to go out and place too much false security on people wearing masks. They are outside. They are 6 feet away from you. I think some people just like to police other people. Personally we had no issues but then again we were not monitoring all patrons to make sure they were drinking their drink quickly enough or had their masks. We were enjoying the park and we were social distancing keeping ourself safe and the comments about people sitting together. Come on you definitely don’t know who came with who. If you don’t like the way people are following the rules you really should stay home.

  23. Kim

    If you can stay 6 feet away from any of those people, you should be fine. Even the CDC only recommends masks be worn if social distancing is not possible.

  24. Barbara Richards

    What you all need to know is that Disney can post “face masks required,” however they legally cannot enforce it. People that are afraid of others not wearing the mask because they’ll be risking others, then YOU need to stay home. Healthy people don’t need to wear masks. It’s already been proven. I’m glad people are defying this mask wearing. Those in the health risk group should NOT be out. 98% of the people out there don’t need a mask. We’re not shutting down our economy for the 2% that need to stay home.

  25. Carla

    You guys are really all uninformed rude jerks. I guess you know no one who has gotten sick? Or died? Maybe your mom is next. Have you never heard of asymptomatic carriers? You may not be sick but you could get me sick. You are right, those of us cancer survivors not over 60, should stay home. And I will. But just like seatbelts, the government does have a right to put protective measures in place. Why are you not thinking about anyone but yourself? Oh I know …. selfish aholes. And why are you comparing covid to other diseases? They all suck. If I could give you cancer because I have it , I bet you might not want me near you . Hmmm. But you will see . All these people playing on the beach together etc . Have fun . Florida is now finding over 2000 new cases daily . YOUR New York is on it’s way !!!
    Come to NJ . We are getting better. And our youth wear masks. Children don’t die from wearing masks and you can teach them respect for others. Oops that won’t happen.

  26. Carla

    Ps. My husband and I are AP and wish things were better but Disney will be there for us later. We will wait. But that’s us. You people are really not interested in the overall good but whatever. However your comments are pretty ignorant.
    Are you doctors or lawyers? Yes Disney can require anything they want legally. It is private property. And they will remove people as they see fit. My son works there. My sister who is a doctor in Florida would also tell you to be prepared. Its getting worse there in central Florida too. Not just the old folks homes. And my daughter who is a nurse here in NJ could give you a thousand reasons to wear your masks. But you wouldn’t listen anyway . After all. Not your problem

  27. Cheezer

    What are you people 3 years old going to tattle on everyone that doesn’t? Pathetic! If you want to wear a mask wear one and be a good little sheep! This is a free country at least it was. It’s people like you so terrified over this overblown hoax that you can’t see the big picture. Try opening your eyes to see what’s really going on. Little sheep are you going to jump off the cliff because they tell you to? I work in the medical field and deal with this nonsense everyday! This virus is not any different than any other one that’s come along. You are in the middle of the biggest political war we have ever seen and a takeover I’ve the USA and all you people do is run around like chicken little. Wise up. The masks are not going to help you. Plus your biggest culprit of sharing germs is the age group that doesn’t have to wear them!!!! Grow a sack and let people live their lives. You wear your mask but keep your communist mouth shut if you see someone that doesn’t! You are not the judge and jury so mind your own business sheeple!!!!

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