Celebrate your Graduate with a Pixie-Dusted At-Home Soiree

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As part of the #DisneyMagicMoments home celebrations, Disney is offering some creative fun ideas to help families and friends add a dose of Disney pixie dust to any at-home celebration for your Disney loving graduate! Below, you’ll find digital cards, poster printouts, a video ZOOM screen, banners, and table centerpieces. Decorate your home or yard with these fun DIY Disney Graduation elements!

Celebrate Your Disney Loving Graduate

There are some fun and fancy-FREE digital cards for download. Whether you’re celebrating a small or tall graduate, there’s a card for each of them! Choose a color and click to download and print it off! Add a few to a poster board with your student’s name for a drive-by printable Disney sign of congratulations that’s a mouse above the rest!

disney graduation card
Credit: Disney Parks Blog!
yellow disney graduation card
Credit: Disney Parks Blog!
congrats 2020 grads mickey card
Credit: Disney Parks Blog!
yellow Disney graduate card
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Top off a virtual celebration with this very cool video ZOOM animation that can be added to your computer chat. Simply click to download and add to your chat software’s display options. It’s a fun way to add some Mickey Mouse pizazz to your next appearance!

Disney Graduation Decorations

A party isn’t a party without some adorable, festive decorations, so throw up some inexpensive tablecloths and add a downloadable surprise. This downloadable banner is available in several colors, so choose between yellowgreyblack, and red. Then click here to download the instructions. Personalize the banner with the download tool and inspire your student!

disney graduation banner DIY craft
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This fun paper centerpiece adds a touch of whimsy to your table! Graduation caps are a part of tradition (even though they mess with your hair and ears) but they add to your accomplishments. Download free craft instructions for a do-it-yourself graduate cap that can also be decorated personally for a celebrating Disney fan. Which Disney character would you infuse on your graduation cap for a touch of Disney?

Mickey Graduation Cap decoration
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Many Congratulations to the class of 2020, whether you are graduating from Pre-school, Kindergarten, High School, College or Grad School. We hope this fun Disney graduate download pack adds a touch of Disney magic to your special celebration.  Disney has been creating these #DisneyMagicMoments on the Disney Parks Blog since March, and we’re loving the doses of magic. Keep in touch with the Disney Parks Blog for more fun like this.

Disney Celebrates Disney Aspire Graduates

The Disney Aspire program works fervently behind the scenes, making miracles for Cast Members that could not otherwise afford higher education programs. Sending employees back to school to begin, finish, or achieve Master’s degrees,  Disney Aspire College Tuition Program has invested $150 million in the free education program. More than 90,000 Disney Cast Members are eligible right now to participate in the program which covers the cost of tuition for over 200-degree programs at colleges within its network. The program began in August of 2018, and has seen over 8,000 graduates.

aspire graduate program
Credit: Disney

This graduation season of 2020 has been no different, as Disney’s own graduates are passing through. Nearly 700 cast members and employees are now proud alumni of the Disney Aspire program, which pays for 100% of hourly Cast Members and employees’ tuition upfront at in-network schools. Disney Aspire was originated to see employees putting their #DreamsWithinReach, and it has been incredibly successful. Join the larger Disney family in celebrating each of the Aspire graduates by using the hashtags #DreamsWithinReach and #DisneyAspire!

Dreams Within Reach logo

Sources: Disney Aspire, Disney Parks Blog

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