Disney Cast Members get free tuition at University of Arizona

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Disney Aspire

Credit: Disney / University of Arizona

It’s never been easier for Disney Cast Members to seek higher education and achieve their dreams.

Disney announced this week that the University of Arizona is the newest institution of higher education to be added to the Disney Aspire program. In a nutshell, the Disney Aspire program is a new program in which Disney pays all tuition, fees, and book expenses upfront for full-time and part-time employees looking to attend college or another higher education institution.

Disney Aspire
Credit: Disney

Disney Aspire is the most comprehensive program of its kind, as it not only covers all tuition expenses but also reimburses application fees and course materials. With the number of schools Disney has partnered with to make Disney Aspire possible, it is now more affordable and accessible than ever for Cast Members and employees to pursue higher education while working for The Walt Disney Company.

What makes Disney’s partnership with the University of Arizona so unique is the variety of online courses and programs the university offers. Even though the University of Arizona’s campus is obviously states away from the Disney Parks and several other locations where Disney employees work, it offers plenty of online programs to choose from. This means that not only can Disney employees attend college for free, but also they can use the online courses to easily fit their education to their work schedule and vice versa.

“Arizona Online offers Disney employees and cast members that same high-quality education in flexible and innovative ways,” the university’s Provost Liesl Folks stated.

Disney Aspire
Credit: Disney

Approximately 40% of Disney’s eligible full-time and part-time employees have signed up for the Disney Aspire program since it began last August. The program has expanded in the year since it started, and with University of Arizona’s online options, we’re sure this will interest employees who otherwise would not have been able to take courses in person.

“We are helping employees create the futures they imagine for themselves,” stated Jayne Parker, Disney’s Chief HR Officer. “The addition of the University of Arizona to our growing list of Disney Aspire network schools helps us further our commitment to support our more than 90,000 eligible employees’ and cast members’ education and career goals.”

If you’re a Disney employee and you’re interested in the Disney Aspire education program, visit the official website here.

What do you think of Disney’s expanded education options within the Aspire program? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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