Bring A Little Magic Back Into Your Graduation Day This Year With These Design Ideas

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Graduation is something that students of all ages look forward to and work hard towards. It’s a day to celebrate an accomplishment that for most takes many years of dedication and hard work. There’s a special feeling that a student gets when their final grades are in and they can just lean into the celebration of receiving their diploma.

And it’s no secret that this year hasn’t gone the way that most of us had planned. There are so many people experiencing terrible losses and having to deal with the physical, mental, emotional and financial toll of these changes. One group of people that has had to adapt to a pretty intense change is the graduating class of 2020. This year’s graduates — from high school, college, and all sorts of other technical programs — have had to forfeit a long anticipated graduation day

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To lose such a memorable experience is devastating. I’m seeing this firsthand, as my younger sister is having to give up the experience of graduating from high school. It’s hard to explain the inability to participate in these highly cherished senior year events such as prom and grad night that happen during the final semester. 

A Different Kind Of Graduation Day

There are some unique activities taking place this year such as virtual graduation celebrations and celebrity commencement speeches via Zoom. Although graduation will be incredibly different for the class of 2020, there are some traditional things that students can do to still feel a sense of connection to this day.

I definitely acknowledge the fact that the experience won’t be the same, and that I can’t fully relate to this loss. However, I think that there can still be a bit of magic and positivity added into the graduation date if you want it. 

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One thing that I was always excited for leading up to my commencement ceremony was the experience of decorating my grad cap. I know that depending on your school this may not normally be allowed, but now that traditional graduation ceremonies are out the window, why not add a little magical flair to your graduation keepsake? 

Disney-Inspired Grad Caps

If you need some inspiration on how to make your grad cap extra magical, look no further. I’ve rounded up a series of Disney inspired graduation cap looks below that are sure to give you a smile. I hope that despite the change in plans for the class of 2020, you all know how amazing your achievements are.

All of us at Inside the Magic are sending you some pixie dust during this challenging time!

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

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“A mix of love for Disney and All Time Low (A magical work in progress)!”

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“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!”

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“Nurse Minnie at your service!”

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“Never tell me the odds.”

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“Let the past take a bow, the forever is now!”

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“I’m moving to Disney! A DCP acceptance!”

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Will you be decorating your graduation cap with some Disney Magic?

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