Did You Know Service Dogs Are Cast Members, Too? Meet This Magical Duo!

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Photos of Dogs and A Cast Member

Are you a Disney fan? If so, we can guess you follow a ton of Disney related Instagram pages. Maybe even stumble upon some Disney Cast Members who are featured in Instagram photos. But have you ever found a Disney Cast Member’s Instagram page? Well, one of our very own ITM team members this week found a Disney Magical Duo!

The instagram page @magically.mozart is all about two incredible Disney World Cast Members — Rachel and her four-year-old golden retriever, Mozart.

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Rachel and her four-legged sidekick have been together since 2016, when Mozart was assigned the job of his life: to be Rachel’s mobility service dog, and above all, best friend! But that was only the beginning of their mission together.

Inside the Magic had the opportunity to interview Rachel and discuss Mozart and their journey together on becoming Cast Members. “I’m a born and raised Disney lover, Disney has always been my happy place to leave the crazy world to be surrounded with magic,” Rachel told ITM.

So, it was no surprise that in 2018 Rachel became an official Walt Disney World Cast Member. And of course, Mozart became one too! According to Rachel, Mozart is one hundred percent part of the Cast Member team, with his own cast name tag and ID. “I love that now I have the opportunity everyday to make that magic for guests with my best friend, Mozart, by my side.”

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For the past two years, this Disney Magical Duo has worked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, and they have done such an amazing job that now, Rachel and Mozart train other Cast Members at EPCOT.

A woman with disability on a wheelchair with a light saber, and a dog with a light saber
Credit: @magically.mozart

ITM asked Rachel “How did Disney adapt to having Mozart on their team?” in which she replied that the company always makes sure to include Mozart in everything they do as a cast. “Disney has gone above and beyond to accommodate Mozart and make him a valued member of the team,” said Rachel. “When I celebrated my year with the company, they made him a certificate too and gave him a service pin, which is a big deal for Cast Members.”

And when they became trainers, Mozart got his trainer pin too!

A Working Dog Nameplate named Mozart
Credit: @magically.mozart

Rachel went on to say that her fellow Cast Members and Supervisors make sure Mozart is safe and protected, so he can do his job, and make the duo successful as Cast Members. “Like he’s a member of the team too, because they know it’s important to me. He’s a piece of me and they honor that,” Rachel explained.

But, their love and dedication for Disney does not stop with their Cast Member duties. When the duo is off the clock, they also like to visit the theme parks as guests and enjoy the magic themselves. So, of course we [ITM] had to ask Rachel and Mozart their favorite things to do and what their favorite parks are!

Mozart’s favorite thing to do is meet Pluto and ride on Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Magic Kingdom, while Rachel’s favorite Disney characters are Dug from Up and Mulan. There are even images of Mozart meeting and playing with Pluto on the duo’s instagram page!

Goofy Playing With A Woman With A Disability On A Wheelchair And A Dog
Credit: @magically.mozart

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While Rachel’s favorite park is Magic Kingdom, Mozart’s favorite park reflects his furry animal side. “Mozart likes Animal Kingdom the most because he likes all of the animal sights and smells,” Rachel said.

Will you be following Rachel and Mozart on Instagram to keep up with their magical Disney journey? Let us know in the comments below.

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