Take a Trip Down Memory Lane Courtesy of R/Vintage Disney on Reddit

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I love vintage Disney merchandise. Posters, tickets, concept art; you name it, I’m there.

One of the best sources of such classic material is the land of Reddit; r/VintageDisney, to be precise. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite vintage Disney posters and other merchandise that capture the spirit of each Disney park, film, and attraction just perfectly.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Disney vintage material that Reddit has to offer;

Vintage Disney film vinyl sleeves

Source: u/pugloverrr69

Snow White, Mary Poppins Cinderella Tray
Source: Reddit

Wow. Look at the condition of these gorgeous movie vinyl sleeves, showing some classic examples of stellar Disney animation. I love them! The Mary Poppins artwork is a particular favorite.

Disneyland TV Tray from 1955

Source: u/wongs

Disneyland Tray
Source: Reddit

When it comes to vintage Disneyland, you can’t get much better than this. I would love to eat dinner while watching my favorite Disney movie and staring at a map of the happiest place on Earth. The artwork is so gorgeously retro. It’s definitely from an early version of the park!

Original Walt Disney World guide from 1976

Source: u/TeamJordan10

Walt Disney World guide book
Source: Reddit

How better to make your way around Walt Disney World, than with this handy dandy guide from the 1970s! I really wish we could see inside; I’d love to take a look at the artwork for the attractions and rides. Especially Space Mountain! This one is the holy grail for any Disney fan. Mind you, it might not serve you too well today…

Disney’s River Country Entry Ticket

Source: u/FunBrians

Disney's River Country ticket
Source: Reddit

In terms of attractions, you can’t get more vintage than this. Move over Tomorrowland. Out of the way Haunted Mansion! This art is the cream of the crop. This amazing ticket is from a theme park that doesn’t even exist anymore; Disney’s River Country, an abandoned water park. Now if only we could get a lobby card from Discovery Island. Guess there’d need to be a lobby first. Huh. Moving on!

The Great Movie Ride concept art from the 1980s

Source: u/Ju-osh

The Great Movie Ride concept art
Source: Reddit

How can you not love this illustration? Like River Country, this is a time capsule for an attraction now sadly deceased, but boy, what a piece of art. I love the detail on this poster, showing a slightly alternate scenario for the Walt Disney World ride at Hollywood Studios.

Which of these pieces of vintage Disney merchandise caught your eye? Do you have any pieces to share? Let us know in the comments below. 


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