Recipe: Make Seuss Landing’s Green Eggs and Ham at Home

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Seuss Landing's Green Eggs & Ham

We barely had time to enjoy a revamped restaurant at Islands of Adventure before current events caused theme parks ‘round the globe to close for safety.  Fortunately, the F&B team at Universal Orlando Resort released a recipe to make Seuss Landing’s Green Eggs and Ham at home!

This tasty tater-tot treat is much more than meets the eye.  If you think the “green” in this egg-citing Dr. Seuss inspired snack comes from food coloring, you’d be mistaken.

Green Eggs and Ham IOA

Perhaps younger you read the classic children’s book? Maybe even enjoyed the new animated series on Netflix? Either way, almost any who who’s who in Whoville, and anyone familiar with the family fables from Dr. Seuss has heard of Green Eggs and Ham.

Thanks to inventive minds at Islands of Adventure theme park, you may have even had a chance to savor the flavor of this favorite children’s book inspired treat. Don’t worry if you haven’t. Just because we aren’t currently visiting Seuss Landing, along with the rest of Universal Orlando Resort (UOR), doesn’t mean this whimsical, delicious dish can’t be recreated!

Learn how to make this delightful dish

UOR loves its fans!  As proof one has only to peruse the informative and equally entertaining Discover Universal Blog.  In fact, a recently released recipe is sure to not only prove that aforementioned admiration for fans, but also unleash a few happy childhood memories too!

Now, no longer a secret – directions on how to make Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham at home can deliver this delight into family kitchens far and wide.

You like them in the parks

The flavor causes sparks

Don’t feel sad or grouse

Because NOW you can make them in your house!

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Main ingredients include tater tots, and, of course diced ham (2 tablespoons worth) and eggs. In order to attain the infamous viridescent variation (green colouring) of this standard dairy delight, special pesto preparations must take place. Green food coloring is straight out!

Instead the namesake ingredient takes its hue from a sort of vegetable omelet. Italian parsley, basil leaves and spinach combine with a bit of oil, grated Parmesan cheese (and, the eggs, of course), transforming this egg mixture into its Seuss-like counterpart.

Green Eggs and Ham

Full directions and a complete ingredient list reside on the Discover Universal Blog.  One important note, take the author’s warning into consideration, this tasty treat will demand doubling if not quadrupling the volume to feed kids of all ages at home.

I will not wait, as I must fill the plate with Green Eggs and Ham

We understand that missing your favorite food from the theme parks is a bummer. However, with recipes like this (and the many others, like Butterbeer, Wizarding World of Harry Potter snacks, and even adult Potter-powered potions) found on the ITM website, a bit of patience and prep time easily assuages that hunger for these must have munchies!

Source and images: Discover Universal Blog, Universal Orlando website, ITM Archives

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