DIY: Potent Potter Potions for Adult Wizards and Muggles

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Harry Potter yellow potions

One advantage to staying safe at home is the discovery of new and exciting recipes. How to Drink’s trio of potent Potter potions for adult wizards and muggles is a perfect example.

The entertaining vlog provides a perfect Hogwarts-like potions class setting, expert directions, and pleasing presentation. Witchcraft and wizardry is not required, as advice on how to obtain more obscure ingredients is also included.

Harry Potter Drinks

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (books and motion pictures) provide a delightfully descript escape of adventure and discovery. Within these spellbinding stories, cauldrons full of feast worthy treats and beverages tease the taste buds Recreating these Wizarding World wonders for witches and wizards and even the Muggle realm can be a bit of a challenge.

Potter Potions for Adult Wizards making potions

Fortunately, several truly talented treat masters manage to pull together the right ingredients for these magical must have Harry Potter themed munchies. One such talented kitchen, or rather bar, wizard is none other than How to Drink’s master mixologist (aka potions master), Greg. His YouTube channel not only divulges descript directions for this trio of Harry Potter powered potions, it hosts a cleverly curated collection of pop culture inspired, bar based beverage recipes.

Three Potent Potter Potions for Adult Wizards and Muggles

As Greg assumes the role of potions professor, his brilliant beverage expertise teaches mere muggles how to concoct a trio a terrific, tasty adult beverages, based upon the Harry Potter books and films. These potent potions include Amortentia (aka the love potion), Felix Felicis (liquid luck) and the healing Pepperup Potion.

Potter Potions for Adult Wizards love potion

Amortentia features flavors found in a special brew of richly flavored Gardenia Mix (directions given in video), Rum, and Acid Phosphate. Edible pearl luster dust provides the magic-like appearance. Once mixed, this sweet treat must find its way into an appropriate bottle.

Potter Potions for Adult Wizards Liquid Luck

Lemon Juice, Rosemary Syrup, Amaretto and Cognac come together to create Liquid Luck, better known as Felix Felicis.  This courage building beverages acquires its vibrant shine form a dash of Edible gold luster. After combining all ingredients, the powerful potion transfers to an equally impressive container.

Potter Potions for Adult Wizards Pepperup

Finally, Pepperup Potion, a type of toddy, relies on dry gin and Bergamot Liquer. Bitters, hot water, honey and a slice of lemon complete the creation. This particular pick-me-up skips a second receptacle as its built directly in the serving glass.

All three of these tempting libations barely brush the bar top of brilliant beverages brought the muggle realm via How to Drink.  Other Harry Potter powered palate pleasing refreshments include alcoholic Butter Beer and a potent Pumpkin Juice recipe (adult and virgin variations appear on the video).

More magical potions and treats

Of note, Harry Potter fans can find more Butter Beer “brewing” recipes (treats and drinks) here. Additionally, courtesy of The Cauldron Magical Bar, complete potion making kits can also be found online!


How to drink hosts much more than wonderful Wizarding World magic potions. Beverages inspired by Witcher, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Star Wars and more reside on the potion master’s YouTube page.

Which one of these Harry Potter drinks will you be making? Let us know in the comments.

Source and images: How to Drink YouTube page, The Cauldron Magical Bar

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