This Bar Will Ship Wizard Themed Cocktail Potion Kits to You, Anywhere in the World!

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Hogwarts castle and drinks inpired in Harry Potter

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Despite being for the betterment of all humanity, I think we can all agree that being locked down is boring. We’ve recommended Harry Potter themed exhibits, park tours, and even escape rooms to keep you busy, but if you love all things magical (and are over 21!), you’ve to try this drink on for size.

Are you in need of Felix Felicis? Craving some Butterbeer? Or maybe you just need to drink a polyjuice potion to play some tricks on your local muggles. Well, you’re in luck as you won’t need to head to the Leaky Cauldron, The Hog’s Head Pub or Potions Class to enjoy a magical cocktail. You can now brew a delicious potion from the comfort of your own home.

The Cauldron Magical Bar has launched a set of wizarding world inspired cocktail kits that can be delivered to your front door! Coming in either gin or vodka themed recipes the set includes essential bottles and jars, as well as potion essentials, botanical infusions, and color-changing powders to make them truly special. All you need to supply is the booze and something to hold them in!

Glass bottle and mini jars on wooden table
Source: The Cauldron

We’re told it doesn’t work for muggles though, so make sure you read up on your favorite spellbook, or binge the Harry Potter movies and get sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff (the best one), or Ravenclaw before you purchase.

But what about the kids, I hear you cry. They can’t drink alcohol! Quite right. Luckily, the Cauldron has also launched an at-home Wizard Survival Kit; a 3-part craft exercise that combines arts and crafts and DIY electronics. It even includes working Magic Wands and Dragon Eggs! So if you’re too young to receive your Hogwarts letter, why not give this a try?

Harry Potter wands
Source: The Cauldron

The best part is that despite having bars in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and New York, the kits can be magically sent to you (via your local owl), wherever you are. Costs may vary.

Personally, having been a frequent visitor of the London Cauldron back in the good old days when we could leave the castle grounds, I can’t wait to order my Gin recipe set and make some magical potions! If you’re like me and adore all things Harry Potter as well as a cheeky drink, channel your inner Snape or Slughorn and become potions master from the comfort of your own home today with these fabulous magical cocktails.

Will you be picking up these magical drinks? What is your favorite magical drink? Have you ever made your own Harry Potter cocktails? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Cauldron 

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