Disney Plus Adds Two Game-Changing New Features

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It’s been a while since Disney took our viewing experience to the next level by introducing the revolutionary new streaming service; Disney Plus. Since then, the service has been much-loved but has faced its fair share of criticism.

Log out of all devices.

One complaint has been the lack of security features commonly found in services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify. While no severe breaches to Disney have been noted, hackers initially had an easy job getting into new accounts using old passwords.

Disney fans can take a little breath of relief as an expected but helpful feature has now been launched.

Disney Plus user accounts will now be able to log out of all devices by signing in and navigating to account settings. This is pretty big, as it means that should a device be stolen, users will now be able to keep one account safe while they update their Disney Plus password. It also means that disgruntled exes won’t be able to use your account after a nasty breakup.

Save Data mode

The other feature applies to the Disney Plus mobile app on iOS in the version 1.5.1 update. It allows users to go into their app settings to select how they wish to stream while using mobile data.

Disney+ Features
Source: What’s On Disney Plus

‘Automatic’ mode will stream in the highest quality possible, while ‘save data’ mode will result in a far lower rate but will, in turn, save the user up to 75% more data.

Disney+ Features
Source: What’s On Disney Plus

It’s worth noting that Disney Plus allows users to stream in 4K and HD quality at no additional cost, unlike its streaming service brethren Netflix.

We expect that this service will be rolled out across all device types in the near future.

Both of these announcements are game-changers, both in terms of cyber-security and subscriber finances. The online services of Disney Plus have, in some ways, been slow to meet the standards of other streaming giants, but this certainly looks like a big step forward.

We all deserve better security, and we’re pleased to see the mouse taking steps toward stricter security. Ensure you avoid cybercriminals and hackers by updating your user account to prevent a potential security breach.

And if you’re on iOS and struggling with your data usage, update your account to get the new ‘save data’ mode option to optimize the service to meet your user needs.

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Has your Disney Plus account been the victim of hacking? Have stolen passwords threatened your magical security? Let us know your thoughts on the state of Disney Plus security in the comments below. 


Source: What’s On Disney Plus

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