Disney Plus Bandwidth Will Be Reduced By 25% For European Launch

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Disney plus bandwidth reduced

Just a handful of days ago, the European Union called on Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming platforms to opt for standard definition instead of HD (high definition) in order to protect the stability of home entertainment across Europe.

So many Disney viewers are home watching movies and television shows that the demand for services and infrastructure is in danger of being maxed out. Europe’s Disney Plus bandwidth will be choked or reduced by 25% to assist with this request. Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon have also agreed to this new measure, as well.

Disney Plus Bandwidth Choked Back in Europe

This push from the EU would promise more stable/standard internet access for all users, as people across Europe (and the globe) are hunkered down at home. Thierry Breton’s tweet was met with action and agreement across the board. It reads, “To beat #COVID19, we #StayAtHome Teleworking & streaming help a lot but infrastructures might be in strain. To secure Internet access for all, let’s #SwitchToStandard definition when HD is not necessary.”

Netflix will begin reducing its traffic on European networks by 25% while ensuring good service is kept up. This will last at least 30 days, a CNN reporter follows up. While there have not yet been widespread internet outages, this measure is another step to ensure that it does not happen. We don’t want our Bedknobs and Broomsticks song numbers interrupted if we can help it!

Frozen 2 Coming to Disney Plus
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French Disney+ Is Delayed

The initial 2020 launch of Disney+ in Europe was delayed by to March 27th, with a slow rollout of high demand shows, like The Mandalorian. And interestingly enough, the show will roll out an episode per week, much like the U.S. version of the platform did, instead of making all content available at once for binge viewing. Sadly, while the service has already been available in the Netherlands for a while, the UK, Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland will all be able to stream before the French.

Hélène Etzi, the President of the Walt Disney Company in France, made a threaded statement about the arrival of Disney+ in France today. Embedded here is her first out of five tweets, with the entire thread being translated via Twitter below.

Her statements reads:

A little more patience for our French fans, our streaming service #DisneyPlus is coming soon… but at the request of @gouvernementFR , we have agreed to postpone the launch until Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

Always concerned to act responsibly, Disney responds to the request of the European Commissioner for the internal market Thierry Breton to support the collective effort for the proper functioning of broadband infrastructures.

In anticipation of high demand for #DisneyPlus , we are proactively implementing measures to reduce overall bandwidth usage by at least 25% in countries launching Disney + on March 24.

In the coming days, we will be monitoring Internet traffic and working closely with ISPs to further reduce speeds if necessary and to ensure that they are not overloaded with user demand.

We can’t wait to launch #DisneyPlus and hope our service will bring some comfort to families and our fans in these difficult and trying times.

Our thoughts are with everyone as we navigate these new times together. If your Disney+ shows and movies don’t entertain you enough, what about checking out the 12+ ways to get your Disney fix from home? There are a ton of things you can do to keep yourself and your family entertained and occupied!

Source: What’s On Disney+?, The Hill

As a European Citizen, what would you say about the Disney Plus bandwidth/quality reduction?

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