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  1. A Nony Moose

    These are in NO way “game changing.” One is barely noticeable and the other doesn’t even apply to most people.

    At this point it would be game changing if they would bother to give some kind of notification to let you know which episodes or minutes you’ve already watched.

    1. Fred


  2. Minnie Mouse

    If they’re not correcting the line up of series like X-Men or doing something about the constant crashes, I couldn’t care less. It’s been live long enough now that those issues could have been fixed already. Nobody is jumping for joy over features like logout of all devices and data save mode.

  3. Mik

    What is really needed on Disney plus as parental controls if you have a 12 or 13 or 14 year olds in the house they wants to watch any game play five year old in the house that wants to watch Bambi there’s no way to lock the five-year-old out of superheroes which have extreme violence

    1. Stevenugent83

      That’s already a feature… Just make the profile a kids profile and all the violent content is gone. Been possible since launch.

    2. Ricky

      Game changing. The game has been changed. NOTHING will ever be the same. GAME. CHANGED.

  4. Peter

    How about fixing the the Canadian content so we don’t see french lettering in English movies. So annoying. Like 20% of the country speak french and Disney thinks it’s our main language. So dumb.

    1. Michelle D

      I don’t think Disney is doing that. As someone who has been involved in manufacturing items for the Canadian market, the laws require us to make everything bilingual, with French the preferred language in Quebec now. If you want to change the CC, you can do that in the settings.


        No you can’t, even if your setting are already set to English. (95% of Canada) it still only shoes french subs.

  5. Sean Parker

    Yeah, why in the world would you have the words “game changing” in your headline, OMG, I never comment on anything but you truly wasted my time, THANK YOU

  6. Jaymes Moynihan

    Please tell me what was “revolutionary” about Disney bringing out a streaming app lol…there’s been several other apps just like it, and Disney does absolutely nothing that all the others didn’t do, the only real difference with Disneys service is it’s buggy as hell!…. revolutionary…*dramatic eye roll*

  7. EricJ

    I saw “New change”, and Ludwig Von Drake, and hoped it was the “change” I’d originally subscribed to the service for–
    Never mind. It wasn’t.

  8. Ck

    I thought they were adding
    a lot more content,that would be a game changer for me!!

  9. Anita

    How bout a start over button? I was trying to watch a movie but because another person already watched it and stopped during the credits, it resumed and I had to either keep rewinding to the start or forward to the end.

  10. Steven

    “Game Changing”… K

  11. Amber

    So I went to change all my info and found that my account had been hacked. Thought I could log out of all devices and guess what? I can’t!! It logged me out of my account and now the hackers have full access. Thanks for nothing.

    1. SirStephenH

      There’s absolutely nothing “game changing” about adding standard features that should have been available from the start. Now allowing streaming without the rampant censorship could be considered game changing, but only for Disney, not for streaming as a whole.


    No you can’t


    There’s so many inadequatcies with Disney+ , there’s no point in complaint they obviously don’t care about product quality, just money.

  14. Melissa

    They need to make a way to find the Fox content they acquired not just the simpsons. We like Dr.Dolittle and Garfield but we didnt know they were there at first.

  15. Christina

    I had my account hacked due to having Disney plus. My debit card, my email, my instagram/facebook. My debut card was charged with over $900 worth of clothes I never ordered. I had to delete everything and change everything to try and fix what happened and my email can still be found on the dark web due to Disney not putting security measures in place. They also refuse to state that hackers were involved but there were a lot of people that have been put at risk just from getting this streaming site. I tried contacting them multiple times the helpline was always busy I couldn’t even report it. I tried to do their online call wait no one ever answered that either. I don’t think the ability to just log out will be enough and I refuse to renew my account until more is in place. It’s not worth it and I absolutely love disney but I will not put myself through that stress again.

  16. Abhijit

    Is hotstar app available on smart tv?

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