Cinderella Carriage Wax Warmer Coming Soon from Scentsy!

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Calling all Disney Princess fans — a Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Wax Warmer is coming soon!

March 4, 2020 was the 70th anniversary of when the Cinderella movie premiered. This story is a heart-warming one that is so iconic and really plays a large part in Disney movie history.

Disney has done a lot to celebrate this big anniversary, like coming out with a Cinderella Carriage inspired cake at the Disney parks.  The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is known for being the home of Cinderella’s Castle.  Most recently, Disney started construction on a makeover for Cinderella’s Castle.

Fairy Godmother and Carriage
Credit: D23

Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Wax Warmer and Happily Ever After Wax Bar

You too can be transformed into a princess for a night at the ball. Because, on Monday, April 13, your Cinderella carriage will be arriving in the form of a Scentsy wax warmer. This elegant piece will be available for $85.00. Set the ambiance by purchasing the returning Happily Ever After Scentsy Bar for $6.50 to pair with Cinderella’s Carriage. This Scentsy bar will put you in a romantic mood with the aromas of gardenia, forget-me-not, and frosted lemon. 

Continue the romantic setting by dimming the lights in your home. This Cinderella Carriage wax warmer comes complete with an LED light that shines bright through the ceramic exterior. The wax warmer dish has intricate detailing that shows through the window like the castle clock at midnight.

Opened Cinderella Scentsy
Credit: Disney

When Can You Get Yours?

Be sure to set your clocks because our fairy godmother gave us a hint that these will be dropping at around 1 pm EST on April 13th. You’ll be able to pick up your Cinderella carriage on the Scentsy website or through an independent distributor. Just remember not to lose your shoe in the process!

Be sure to grab this before the clock strikes midnight or your carriage will be a pumpkin. This item will sure to be out of stock fast so get to your happily ever after quickly.

Cinderella and Carriage
Credit: D23

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